Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friday’s Favs…an “American Picker” type project


At the risk of sounding a bit creepy and hoarder-ish, sometimes I find things on my walks that I use in my home décor.

  Take this perfectly shaped stick for example.

It looks like it was made just for the purpose of going over the mirrored window on my mantel.

Yesterday, I found a piece of board out by the garbage can at the curb of a house up the street.

The board had routered edges, just like it was waiting for me to make a sign with it.

So I made this and put it over the window in my home office, aka my sanctuary.

  You can check out the whole room makeover here and here.


I didn’t love it.  The crooked lettering, the print lined up to the right, the dark black letters that looked too harsh, the commas…I pretty much didn’t love any of it,


If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

So I sanded it all off, started over, and now I’m lovin’ it!

I centered the words, removed the commas and added the word “be” in small print in front of each word, and toned the black down to a nice medium gray.



So, I prefer to call making something out of my neighbor’s garbage

thrifty and ingenious, rather than creepy.

Would you have done it?


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  1. When you are an artist, you find your medium. I love that you were willing to start over. If you don't love it, you can have a "do over." :)

  2. Elizabeth,
    You'd bet I would have done it! Did it just a week or so ago, as a matter of fact.
    It's called Shopping the Curb!

  3. I've read on plenty of blogs that folks pick up "treasures" from the curb all the time. ;) That stick is perfect and I love the sign. :) My husband and I just picked up something from trash collection this week...a first for us. I had seen an old metal bucket at the bottom of my road (I live on a hill) next to a trash can but forgot about it. So, we were
    watching "Pickers" Monday night and I thought of it. We drove down and picked it up after the show went off. :) The bottom was rusted out but I plan to put a pot of flowers in it. :) Now I am going to be on the lookout for trash. ;)

  4. you bet I would. People throw away things all the time that just need a little loving care or could be repurposed. American's can be so wasteful and I include myself in that group so I'm not slinging stones at everyone but me! Love your sign! A reminder to pray and give thanks in all things!

  5. You are so creative, Elizabeth!! I love them all! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Those look great, Elizabeth! As long as it's something that doesn't involve cloth, like a chair or something, I'd pick it up too.

  7. It's not hoarding unless you've implemented the pile system for organization. I use the pile system for bills only :)

  8. Your sign turned out's not garbage if it can be recycled/upcycled! :-) I'm visiting from the Picket Fence and I'm now following, I would appreciate if you could follow back. Thanks

  9. Hi Elizabeth, I found your post at Stuff and Nonsense. I get stuff out of the trash ALL THE TIME. Check out Quirky Vistas to see some of what I've gotten lately. You are in good company with lots of us who can't stop pickin'. I'm working on "rehabbing a rascal" right now. Loved what you made and that you just "erased" and started over. I am a big fan of shabby signs!

  10. Absolutely! One 'man's' trash is another one's treasure!

  11. I don't find your hoarder-ish or creepy. I see it as very creative and thrify! Those are gold stars in Debbie Land.

    I love the changes you made. I wouldn't have noticed that they needed to be made, but it looks wonderful.

    And now, I'm clickity clicking to see those posts you highlighted. I hate to miss anything!

  12. I certainly would! Your project didn't look anything taken from garbage at all!

    Visiting from At the Picket Fence. I would like to invite you to a linky party I am having right now. I hope you could visit and link-up!


    1. Myric, Thanks for the comment and the invite to your linky. Clicking on your name isn't taking me to your blog however.

  13. Love your sign...definitely not creepy :) Laurel

  14. Okay now, so I will continue to seek out that which is placed within my reach by the Lord to enhance my personality within my home.....with " sidewalk stuff"..."outback stuff" and "who'da thought it stuff" have an amazing talent and I love every thing you displayed for us....gorgeous!

  15. Love your sign--what a great reminder every time you walk into the room--enjoy!

  16. This is beautiful!! I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas. Take care Anu


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