Saturday, February 4, 2012

Restore me to life again…


This week so many people I love and care about are going through a difficult time.

loss of a loved one…

a difficult waiting season…

hope deferred…


It seems many in the blogging community are hurting too.

Today I wanted to post a word of hope.

God sees you.

God hears you.

He won’t allow you to suffer one drop more hardship than you can endure,

or one drop more than He can use to work for good in you in the end.

He loves you,

even though right now you can’t see it,

can’t feel it.

Down deep in you,

underneath the despair,

the hurt,

the confusion,

the anger,

something amazing is growing.


in the Strong Place within,

your spirit,

the dwelling place of His Spirit,

He is carefully tending and watching over

the growth of something amazing.

He’s watering it with His own tears.

He knows you don’t understand why He’s allowing these difficulties.

He knows the enemy is using the situation to accuse Him,

to convince you He’s not good,

to convince you He doesn’t love you,

to convince you to give up.


not one minute too soon,

not one minute too late,

He’s going to reach down and lift you up.

That’s a promise…

His promise.


Still following,




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  1. Thank you! Needed much today!

  2. I really needed this, today. Thank you so much.

  3. such comfort knowing HE is in control - thank you Elizabeth.

  4. So so true, especially the part about Him using it to work good. I remember a teaching of Nancy Leigh DeMoss' about 2 Cor. 4:17-18. She said that those "afflictions" are accomplishing something in us that could not be accomplished any other way. It really stood out at the time because my husband and I were really going through a trial at the time. God is all-wise and He knows what He is doing. We just have to trust no matter how hard. :)

  5. Your posts are always so timely Elizabeth. just what so many people need to read right now. Have a great week xx

  6. He knows you don’t understand why He’s allowing these difficulties.
    He knows the enemy is using the situation to accuse Him,

    Thank you for this

  7. What a wonderful reminder of the beautiful promises He has given us!

  8. What a poignant reminder....just what I needed today! Weekend blessings to you, Elizabeth.

  9. Praise Him!!!!!! Thank you Elizabeth!

  10. The picture and verse were perfect. (We're all cracked pots, yet we can find strength and life through Christ). I think about spring being the next season on it's way... we all have 'seasons' in our lives... spring is comes after the dreary winter!

    In His Lo♥e, Ann

  11. Amen to this! i love your post! because I can relate, thanks for the reminder!

  12. You are so right about teaching us things we could not learn any other way. After the worst time of my life I later realized that I had an understanding and compassion I never had before for certain people that before had just been a disappointment. Now I am able to care and love like never before. You can't fake humble, but God can give you true humility. It is hard to be truly thankful for it all at first but later you can really appreciate his gifts.

  13. this is REALLY beautiful elizabeth! i will say a quiet prayer for your friends... such a hard thing to watch people u love suffer through hardships! Hugs beautiful verse/photo combo!

  14. Elizabeth--

    beautiful and creative reminder of His faithfulness--thank you!


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