Thursday, February 2, 2012

Friday’s Favs…lemon cupcakes and Costco cake stands

Hypothetically speaking, if you’re in Costco buying big bags of frozen chicken breast

and twin packs of fat free milk…


and you happen to see a box with two, ruffle-y, milk glass-like, vintage-looking cake plates,

(a medium one and a large one)…


and you can stack them or use them separately…


hypothetically speaking, of course, is it wrong to use $19.99 out of your Dave Ramsey grocery money envelope…


on something that makes your groceries look oh, so, pretty?


(Lemon Cupcake recipe from Mom’s Big Book of Baking)




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  1. Terrific find on the cake plates! I have never been to a Costco, but read about them all the time. So wish there was one near us so I could check it out.....or, maybe it's better there isn't one near enough to visit. LOL. The cupcakes look simply yummy!

  2. Those cake stands are so adorable. I would have used my grocery money too. You can always eat soup. ;) I have seen a couple of posts about Costco recently. We don't have one close. The cupcakes sound delish. There is something so refeshing about lemon. Off to check out the recipe. :)

  3. Choices choices. Life is filled with choices. :)

  4. Sounds to me like you strayed a bit out of the milk and frozen food aisles... They ARE beautiful. And the cupcakes look too good to eat :)

  5. gorgeous!
    I would have had to bring them home...

  6. No, it's not wrong! It would have been wrong to leave them there and then go somewhere else and pay MORE! Heading out to Costco. . .(LOL)

  7. Dave Ramsey would approve! hee-hee Great choices and picks!! Oh wow- and those cupcakes look yummy too :) oxo

  8. Oh mercy, those cupcakes look good! I love the cake stands too. I definitely think it was okay to swipe a few dollars from the grocery envelope :)

  9. Dave Ramsey approves of blowing a little money here and there, especially when you take pictures of pretty things like this that make me smile... or maybe it's just me that approves.

  10. lovely cake stands. I feel you are completely justified in your decision :)
    Oh I love Costco, it's on my to-do list for today. (I need walnuts...let's see if I get outta there with just walnuts!!!)

  11. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for passing on the tip--they're beautiful! My Costco is too far away for me to head out to today, but I'll keep my eye open next time I'm in there. Just be sure to balance your budget with some other economical purchases--but they were worth the sacrifice! :-)

  12. I'm loving the logic. I'm going to head to Macy's with my grocery money because I've been eating healthy and I need some new things to make - where my groceries went - look better. Sisters think alike.

  13. Oh my this is a delicious looking post--my favorite thing is your incredible photography--!!!!

  14. I love this post and yeah, your cake plates are gorgeous and that's what made me come by. Everything is so yummy looking too! I just completed today a month on a diet and lost 6 punds so far, this post doesn't help me ANY, lol...Have a great weekend.

  15. Those cakestands are gorgeous. I wonder if Costco will ever sell over here. I hope so! The cakes look gorgeous too. Beautiful photos.

  16. I love these cake stands! So much so that when I first saw them at Costco before Christmas, I made my request for them from my hubby. Happy me Christmas morning to unwrap these beautiful cake stands! LOVE them!

  17. Oh so pretty. And cupcakes too, you can't go wrong! Love the music in your background... gorgeous.

  18. Love everything!!! Too bad we don't have a Costco here!

  19. Love the plates!

  20. Go for it! Pretty cake plates make your cupcakes taste better. :-)
    Mary Alice

  21. I love the Costco cake stands, I got my own from there over the holidays. Your cupcakes look yummy! I thought anything bought at Costco WAS considered groceries?? :) Ha! That's how I do it for sure!


  22. Those are beautiful cake stands. I don't think it was wrong to spend your grocery money on something that will make a beautiful presentation. I have learned to look at it this way--don't be legalistic in your doing of Dave Ramsey envelope system. He believes in a little blowing money so just look at it as God wanting to give His daughter something beautiful!


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