Monday, November 14, 2011

Red, white, and blue for any season…


Red, white and blue are my favorite colors.

Not just for fourth of July, but in any season, they are my go-to colors.

Add a little beach-y gray and I’m good to go.

009 copy

Quite some time ago I saw an enamelware bowl with some lavender sachets in it in a photo on the lovely blog Fiona and Twig.

So I kept my eye open for a similar bowl.

On one of my ”pop in to the Goodwill for a few minutes 'cuz it’s right next to my grocery store” trips I found this one for only $1.49.  Score! 

011 copy

My sister asked me how I store all the “treasures” I find in my little house.

(Our house is only 1400 square feet.)

I frequently clean out my décor closet, (or “crap” closet as someone I know calls it),

and try to take as much or more to the thrift store as I bring home.

If its not my style anymore, out it goes.

010 copy

The only décor items not stored in that one closet are the holiday decorations stored in plastic totes in the garage.

I am already decorating for Christmas in my head.

I still get “butterflies in my tummy excited” like I did when I was a kid for Christmas.

012 copy

All photos today edited simply with one layer of Kim Klaussen’s Phoebe texture on soflight mode at 80% opacity.

It’s a beautiful soft texture…love it!

Thanks Kim!


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  1. Some lovely still photography. Wonderful contrasting colors.

  2. Your images are always so very lovely. I so enjoy arriving at your Blog and the beautiful music. Thank you. kareninkenai

  3. A good find indeed! Lovely images and the colours are beautiful :)

  4. I just love this! Your photos are so homey and pretty.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. That was a good find, wasn't it?! Your photos have such a nice cozy feel. I have some of those paper straws too :)

  6. How lovely - your composition is so nice!

  7. What a charming series of photos! Love the red, white and blue!

  8. Oh, did I enjoy these photos! They are just my style. SO cozy! Lovely processing too! I am in the "getting rid of what's not my style" mode right now. It is hard but it sure feels good.

  9. really beautiful texture work here!!

  10. wow, i love the composition. would love to peek into your decor cupboard - all the stuff here is so cool! love the texture use too :)

  11. wonderful series of photos. simply beautiful! love the music in here too!


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