Monday, September 26, 2011

Simplified autumn mantel…

                                                        I’m a notorious over doer.

Last fall I had so much fall décor going on in my little house it basically looked like an orange explosion.

Then I weeded out the excess and was a lot happier with the result.

This year I tried to go simple right from the start.

Less “orange explosion”, and more calm and peaceful neutrals.

I removed a large painting and wall sconces from the wall above the mantel,

using this chippy old window as the focal point instead.



Even my choice of pumpkin colors this year is more subtle.


I’m looking for some type of vintage autumn card to perch in this old flower frog.


I love my carved wooden goose.

I bought it in Maine on our visit there 10 years ago.


A simple decoration of Indian corn held by twine hangs on the old window.


I’m liking this year’s simple, less “over the top” mantel!


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  1. I have gone much simpler this year also and I am loving it tremendously.

    Your mantel looks wonderful. I love the old scale and the old window. It is all so very pretty.

  2. Elizabeth ~ that looks so beautiful! I love the simplicity and the soft colors ~

  3. Elizabeth, loving it! So easy one the eye. :))

  4. I like the subtle colour and I love the blue chippy paint! Of course my eye zoomed right in on your oval flower frog!!! I collect them and don't have an oval one yet!

  5. Beautiful and subtle. You have an artist's eye. :)

  6. Pretty! Mine is simpler this year as well.

  7. Very nice...has a calming effect.

  8. Love the look of your autumn decor. I toned mind down last year and will probably go much simpler this year.

  9. I love it! Less is more sometimes. Very chic and uncluttered. Love your blog name. I am a follow of Jesus too. Blessings, Wanda

  10. I love it, Elizabeth. Simple is my motto for this year. Well done!


  11. Elizabeth, I love it! You are not going to believe it but I have the same wicker pumpkin in my mantle!

    Maria @ Linen & Verbena

  12. Yes, I love this sort of non traditional look. Very pretty and liveable color!

  13. I love this look and your colors. And i couldn't help but zero in on that scale! It's wonderful - just have to ask if it was originally that color or you painted it?

  14. Love the old window and indian corn ♥ SiMpLe is wonderful:)

  15. Very nice. I love the simplified look! I totally overdid it this year! I looked at the link up last week, thought I saw all of them but don't remember this one! Any wonder...there were a bazillion posted! ( "


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