Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Easy, delicious, healthy fish tacos…

The first time I ever heard of fish tacos was years ago. The Hubs and I were at a conference in southern California and they were on the menu at a restaurant we went to.  The Hubs ordered and loved them, but to me the idea of fish and tacos just didn’t go together.  Tacos I loved and fish I loved, but my mind couldn’t wrap around the combination.  Years later when I finally gave in and tried them it was love at first bite!  Only recently did I try to make them at home.  They are so quick and easy as well as healthy and delicious!

First I make a chipotle coleslaw using some preshredded cabbage from the produce section and a simple dressing of light ranch with chipotle sauce to taste mixed in.



Next I season some tilapia fillets, (or similarly mild white fish),  with some lime juice, seasoning salt and chili powder and bake them in a 425 degree oven on a Pam spayed baking sheet for 15 minutes or so.  I flip them over about halfway through the cooking time.



While they are cooking I make a simple guacamole of avocado, lime juice, mashed garlic, salt and pepper.


I chop up some fresh tomatoes.


I lightly fry some corn tortillas in a non stick skillet with just a smidge of olive oil brushed on it.


I assemble my taco with some of the fish, the coleslaw, the guacamole, the fresh tomatoes, your favorite salsa, and some fresh chopped cilantro.  I squeeze fresh lime juice over all. (optional).  Enjoy!



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  1. I'm a recent fish taco convert, and your recipe sounds yummy!

  2. Looks yummy! I may have to try this one out!

  3. Sounds delicious!! I like the idea of adding the chipotle to the slaw! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Your photos are wonderful. These look so delicious. I really need to try this. Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Look delicious, but I cannot wrap my mind around fish tacos. They're served here and folks like them, but haven't taken the plunge!

    Your rose images are gorgeous!

  6. I LOVE fish tacos. I'm so glad you tried them. And your recipe looks GREAT. I don't like fried fish tacos. I like the fish cooked the way you cooked it. :) yum.

  7. Sounds good! The first time I had fish tacos was in Mexico when we were on a missions trip. They were OK and I liked them. When we went back again the missionary took us to a little roadside stand for fish tacos - then I LOVED them. I've never had any as good as those at the little stand near the mission. He has a special mole sauce and he doesn't give out his recipe or tell you anything about it. I'm trying to find a good fish taco in the U.S. Will have to try yours! (In Mexico they use shredded cabbage instead of lettuce.)

  8. great minds and all .. i just so happen to have ingredients for our own fish tacos. love these things. :o)

  9. Oh we love fish tacos...but I haven't tried to make them...so thanks. This will go on our menu for next week...which will be fun for the first week of school.

  10. The pictures almost makes me want to try one. :)

  11. I love fish tacos and your recipe looks so much better than mine. Thanks for sharing. I'm keeping yours.


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