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One of the key truths of God’s Word that has radically changed my life is the process called the renewing of the mind.  I say process because that is just what it is.  When a person believes and receives Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord they are instantly born again in their spirit.  They become a new creation.  However, all too often we don’t see the radical change we expect to see.  I often wondered why, until I realized that they are just like a new computer loaded with old programming and old software, producing the same old results. What needs to take place in all of us as Jesus followers is the transformation, (in the Greek “metamorphoo”), or renewing of our mind. This happens as the Word of God confronts our wrong ways of thinking, reacting, and responding, and we respond by rejecting the “old software” and replacing it with Truth.  This is the key to transformation of the soul, (mind, will and emotions). This same word, “metamorphoo”, is used in 2 Corinthians 3:18, where it says we are “transformed” from glory to glory.  This renewing, transformation, “metamorphoo”, is the process we see throughout the Word of God called the restoring of the soul. You will see, especially as you read the Psalms, that the key tool in restoring the soul is the Word of God.  It is impossible for the mind to be renewed, the soul to be restored, without the Word of Truth to replace our “old programming”. 

Just as a butterfly undergoes metamorphosis, so do we.  We cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit in this supernatural transformation by giving Him the tool, (the Word of God), He needs to do this supernatural work.  Too often we want to soar like the butterfly without undergoing the metamorphosis, the renewing of our mind.

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  1. Aman!! Said much better than I ever could!

  2. Not only is this excellently written, it's an analogy (the computer) that I would never have thought about.

  3. What a fantastic analogy!! And what a joy it is to receive that 'software upgrade'!! ...I'm never going back to the Windows ME version again! :)

  4. What a beautifully inspiring post, Elizabeth. I have been going through a metamorphosis recently as you read in my last post. It's amazing the different venues in which the Holy Spirit speaks to you and how your heart can be changed if your eyes are open to it. ♥ Thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog, too, sweetie. I treasure each visit you make. :)

    xoxo laurie

  5. Well said! Perfect picture and verse! and I so love your music too! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love your metaphor. And I love your butterfly.

  7. great post!

    have a Blessed Sunday to you..

    hope you can visit back, thanks!

  8. Great analogy! Good word picture to visualize the change. I liked Katie's comment about not going back to the Windows ME version. It is a struggle. Even in the physical realm, I'd rather have a computer that I know and understand, even if it is not working properly than making the change. I've done nothing but whine about the new computer hook up that my husband installed because it did not have all the icons and familiar links I was used to. This will really drive home that idea of CHANGE!

    Your butterfly is beautiful! Wish I could capture one like that.

    Also, caught your note from last week about the special ed TA. Yes, it is a privilege but I do have an easy aspect of it. I'm working with a visually impaired student so I do not deal with the emotional or physical issues that some do.


  9. I love this. We're doing Breaking Free by Beth Moore, and this is driving home the point!

  10. great post.....changes....He does it in some amazing way. I always think it's like when my girls put on last season's pants and they're now up to their ankles....we never saw the growth happening but it did. Hope you have a great weekend.

  11. What a beautiful photo and beautiful verse! Thank you for sharing!

  12. great truth and I like how you put into a picture so to speak. Great shot.

  13. What a beautiful butterfly! Whenever I read a scripture that talks about transforming your life, I always think of the butterfly.
    How they go from that caterpillar to a most beautiful butterfly, just like we are transformed by God into something most beautiful! Created in His image. Nothing is more beautiful and transforming!
    I love this!

  14. ABSOLUTELY Beautifully written!!! You are an inspiration and encouragement to my daily walk with our Father!!!! :) Sharon


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