Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It’s jam makin’ time!

While the rest of the country is having sweltering heat and drought, the Northwest has had a cool, wet summer so far.  Right now, however, we are enjoying some sun and warmth, not hot, but at least warm! Time to head to the local farmer’s market and see if the local berries are ripe in spite of the weather.  They are!


That means it’s jam makin’ time!  It truly is a simple pleasure.  Freezer jam couldn’t be easier to make or tastier to eat.  We love it!


Everything you need to know is written on instructions inside the pectin box.


Simply crush the clean berries.

Stir in the sugar and mix well.  Let set for 10 minutes, stirring occassionally.


In a smaller bowl combine the pectin and lemon juice per directions. 

After the berries and sugar have been combined for 10 minutes

add the pectin mixture and stir well for three minutes.


Put into clean freezer containers, leaving space at the top as things expand when they freeze.


All ready for the freezer!


This winter we will enjoy the taste of summer on our toast.

I think I’ll make some blackberry jam next.

What’s your favorite jam?


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  1. I had never heard of freezer/uncooked jam before. Does it taste like "normal" jam?
    I'd be tempted to freeze the berries as they are to enjoy later as "fresh" fruit with yoghurt, my favourite breakfast.

  2. Oh my, those berries look yummy. I usually can my jam but I might give this a try. Looks pretty simple.

  3. Yummmmy! A friend of mine makes freezer jam with strawberries, and it's one of the best tastes I know. Since raspberries are my personal favorite, this must be delicious.

  4. HI Elizabeth! Oh, those berries look so so good! Yummy! I'd have a hard time doing anything but eating them! ;) I've only made jam once and yours looks so pretty! I like that you can freeze this.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. I love strawberry jam.

    And, living in Texas, I find myself so jealous of your weather!

  6. Oh I want to make this. It looks so easy and in the cold of winter it would be so wonderful.

  7. Your freezer jam looks wonderful and I know you will enjoy it this winter. I have made freezer jam with strawberries and it is so easy. Thanks for the reminder!


  8. Oh that is an easy question for me...
    (just put my batch in the freezer the other day)

  9. Hi Elizabeth,
    I have never heard of freezer jam before.It sounds simple to make and I will give it a try. I have made boiled jam before but your jam sounds delicious..
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  10. I had never heard of freezer jam until someone else posted about it. I don't think we can buy pectin here. :/ I love just about any kind jam. My Mammaw used to make fig preserves and that was my favorite, on homemade biscuits. Yum! Have a great day. Tammy

  11. Strawberry with blueberry close behind. I missed strawberry jam making, I'll have to try for blueberry!

  12. I've never made jam myself but I do love it on toast. A lovely simple pleasure for certain.

  13. Blackberry is my favorite. Great simple pleasure.

  14. Strawberry is my favorite. This looks absolutely delicious and now I want to make it too. ;) Thank you for the inspiration. What a wonderful simple pleasure.
    Love the bike on your header with basket and all. Is it yours or just an online image? Funny how my daughter and I were talking about getting one for me with a basket and all for Christmas. Been thinking about myself riding one a lot lately.

    Much love!

  15. Deliciously yummy! Thank you for this :)


  16. Yummy looking jam. I can't get all those raspberries, but I can get TONS of peaches. So peach it is.


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