Saturday, July 30, 2011

Praise Him…


I love to worship and praise God in the quiet of my own home during my morning devotions or with my favorite worship music playing while I’m cleaning the house.

I love to worship and praise God with others as we gather together on a Sunday or at our mid-week prayer time.

But my favorite place to worship and praise God is outdoors looking at His beautiful creation.

It is there where I am most awestruck by this Beautiful God I love and serve, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, who loves me and gave His Son as a sacrifice so I can be reconciled back to Him.  Amazing! Praiseworthy!

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  1. That's where I love to worship and praise the Lord! Everywhere!! But especially in the beauty of His creation.

  2. Me too Elizabeth!
    I have praise music on right now as a
    matter of fact :)

  3. Such power in praise. He resides in the praises of His people. And what a difference it makes in my attitude and atmosphere of our house when worship music is on. Was just thinking about this, this morning. Your post is a confirmation to that truth. Thanks! Many blessings ~ Jen

  4. God is with us in every moment. Why shouldn't we return the favor?
    Beautiful photo to go with the verse.

  5. I love this! How can anyone look at nature and breathe in it's beauty and not believe in the God that created it all? Makes me want to praise!

  6. I feel the same way about worshiping in nature! Lovely photo!

  7. Forever and ever, amen!

    Such a wonderful sunset!!

  8. Me too. I love praising Him in the presence of His creation. It's like singing "The Sound of Music" on a hilltop. Hope that doesn't sound too corny but there's a worship there and a freeing of our spirit to the Lord on the mountaintop.
    Love your photo. So crisp, clear, and beautiful.


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