Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thank heaven for little girls…

Since Mama’s death in January, life has continued on for those of us left behind. 

Just this month another great-granddaughter, and another great-great-granddaughter have been born into her family.

And now our youngest granddaughter, (Mama’s great-granddaughter), has an announcement to make.


“I’m going to have a baby sister!”

Mama’s family seems to be having a run on girls! That’s okay, we think girls are pretty great.

Anyway, the Hubs and I are off to a little family reunion with my brothers and sisters, and as many of our kids and grandkids as can make it.

Mama would have loved this. 

She would have sat in a comfy chair, listening, watching and grinning big as all of us talk and laugh together. 

Who knows, maybe she still is.

My continuing gratitude list #1199-#1209

-youngest daughter safely back to her home from her trip to Chicago

-how God’s ways wonderfully confound the human mind, like when we give away more, we end up with more than enough

-a good report on a recent follow-up exam

-we are having another granddaughter! Oldest daughter’s pregnancy is going very well! Smile

-all the beautiful flowers in bloom in the neighborhood, especially my favorites, peonies and roses

-how God meet not only my needs, but so many of my wants

-His mercy and lovingkindness are forever!

-the way God wants voluntary lovers, and yet when I ask Him to help me love Him more, He does

-Friday morning pancakes

-our son in law’s birthday, and the blessing of having sons-in-law that love Jesus

-a really great neighborhood barbecue/outreach by our church, and the wonderful volunteers who made it happen

Gratefully yours,



  1. Congratulations! Of course, I would still be congratulating you had your great expectation turned out to be a little boy blue, but being so very fond of pink, I'm sending the congrats along.

  2. Congratulations. So happy for your good news and I will be praying for a healthy little girl.

  3. Congratulations! You can never have too many girls. :-)

  4. so wonderful!!!! congratulations!

  5. Congratulations, what a blessing!!!!

  6. it took me a second to catch on – me being a guy and all – but when I got it – I smiled – congratulations – another little girl just means another little Elizabeth with bows and ribbons. If it was an official "thank you" I missed it – and I'm too lazy to look back – so my favorite from your thank you list this week is Friday morning pancakes. NOM!!!! this all made me smile - your stuff always makes me smile. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours.

  7. So glad to hear the happy news! Another girl - they are such fun!

    I'm sitting here looking at beautiful Odell Lake, high in the Cascade Mountains! It's gorgeous. I love the way God put His world together!

  8. I'm still catching up on blogs from when my computer was down, so just saw this. Congratulations!



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