Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finding time…


I knew I wanted to do a photo and verse about time this week.

I was blown away at Ecclesiastes 8:5.

You can’t get much more plain spoken than this.

I know in my life, I manage to find the time for the things I really want to do,

so I know that there is time, and that there’s a way to do what is right.

Still following,


photo edited with Kim Klaussen’s golden texture, opacity 50% linear light


  1. So True....have a blessed Saturday!

  2. Wow. I need this one blown up into an 8x10 and hung over my desk!

  3. This is beautiful!!! It's just what I needed right now, too. Thank you!

  4. This is truth in the purest form. There is always time for what we want to do. Lord, make my heart's desire to know you more. Thanks.

  5. I love it!! I am annoyed sometimes that I have time for just stuff and sometimes "fit in" my time with Jesus ~ I love my time with Him so much ~ One of the things that runs through my mind alot lately is "Be Still and Know that I am Lord" ~
    Thank you Jesus for reminding me to be still ~

  6. Beautiful photo and wonderful verse, Elizabeth :)

  7. Great Scripture and photo. Just to think He has given us enough time to do what is right. I have never seen or noticed that Scripture!

  8. Mmm, good thought, Elizabeth. I need to make sure that I find a way for the important stuff, not what I *think* is important. I love meaty, practical Scripture! Thanks for sharing today.


  9. Beautiful, Elizabeth....Scripture choice and your photo.

  10. This is wonderful! This is a lesson I needed to hear time slips away from me so quickly when I'm doing what I want and not what I need!

  11. Beautiful. And I love your observation that we find time to do what we REALLY want to do.

  12. Gorgeous...and God sure does have a way of making me think about things when He uses Scripture like this!

  13. I found you through random and I am also a Christian!!! Find your blog very interesting... if you like we can link us to each other. Hope that we stay more in touch!
    I love the Bible verse!!!!!

    Elvira from Canada


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