Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Roses and questionable gardening attire…

The two oldest grandkids are safely returned to their mama and daddy after their three week visit here.

Oldest daughter and her husband had to take a quick trip away,

leaving me with baby granddaughter, so I’ve still been busy.

After breakfast this morning, baby granddaughter and I quickly threw on our jackets over our pajamas and put on some shoes, and headed into the back yard.  Our local garden center had a sale, so I wanted to get my new rose bush planted – my first attempt at growing roses!  That was done quickly, but we ended up spending a good two hours, pulling weeds, and enjoying the morning outdoors, pajamas and all.

If you’re going to be outdoors in your p.j.s, make sure they’re cute ones!


At two years of age, youngest granddaughter is already very opinionated about her footwear, and all too often insists on wearing these bright orange shoes, much to her mama’s chagrin.


My new rose bush…


Some of the blooms from my new rose…


Still following,


My simple pleasure:

roses and “gardening” with baby granddaughter

Project Simple Pleasures2


  1. Elizabeth is there anything better than spending precious time with your baby granddaughter who won't be so little very long. She has strong opinions about her shoes but to her they are the most beautiful things. My younger daughter was just like that and she has her own style (a very nice one, too) to this day.


  2. Hi Elizabeth. Love your blog! What a treat of a time you had with your lovely granddaughter! Her pj's are so cute and match her shoes. Your first photo is precious.

  3. That's so sweet. I've been in your daughter's shoes before. Ha! Buying something and then wondering why in the world I bought it when the child won't take it off. For the record, I love the orange shoes. Tell your daughter mixing bold colors is a must this season!

  4. LOVE the orange shoes. Who wouldn't want to wear them every day. Good luck with roses. I could never make them last.

  5. Love your garden outfits! And the orange shoes are perfect! Gorgeous rose - pretty garden assistant!

  6. I think pajamas are a perfect gardening outfit! We're heading to Portland Friday evening for the weekend...I hope I get to wander in SE and photograph flowers!

  7. Elizabeth,
    This is such a sweet post! I just posted one on my daughter and I planted jalapenos, and she is 24. Gardening is such a delightful hobby.
    Your roses look beautiful. I am only good at keeping Knockout Roses going. My other roses look pitiful.
    All the best,


  8. And those are very cute PJs indeed! I love her little orange shoes. It makes me giggle that she loves them, and her mommy, not-so-often.


  9. love the shoes....and that they're bright orange says alot about this little angel....she loves life!!!!

  10. I think you can do just about anything in pajamas and with summer vacation around the corner, you better believe I will be in mine as often and as long as I can be. :) What a sweetie that little one is and those shoes are fantastic! I think her mom should buy clothes that will match the shoes and then it's all good. Best wishes, Tammy

  11. Beautiful morning in the garden! What a fun age your granddaughter is.
    The roses are lovely.

  12. Sounds like a lovely relaxing morning :-)
    Your grand-daughter and new rose are both beautiful!

  13. She certainly has style! :-D

  14. So sweet---and she looked so cute in her garden pajamas :)


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