Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In His Presence Daily Live…

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With grandbabies visiting here I remember

How quiet time for prayer and Bible

Is a struggle for young mamas

How just when you start to focus

A fight breaks out in the next room

But the other day, just like all those years ago

He saw my effort

And spoke between the interruptions

In such a real way

About surrender

Yielding ownership

Relinquishing control

Letting go of things that hinder First Love

Then the words to the old song

“I Surrender All” came alive

But not that line,

this one,

“In His presence DAILY live”

Living in Him

Aware of Him

Listening to Him

Talking to Him

Not just in moments with Bible and quiet

But second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day

Remembering Him in me and me in Him

Living DAILY aware

002 copy

Still following,



  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    I posted right before you at Ann's today. I like to visit the blog of the person before and after me each Monday and Wednesday so here I am. This will be my final blogging today until evening. I have a big commitment the rest of the day. One, for which, you would give your hearty approval. I must learn my memory verses for this week and review all the verses I have learned since I made my New Year's resolution to memorize Colossians this year. How "right on" is that considering Ann's post today!

    Bless you as you follow Him. The one line that stood out for me in your poetry today was
    "Not just in moments with Bible and quiet" Yes, I want Him every moment.

    Perpetually in Jesus,

  2. I surrender all...I surrender all...
    My favorite hymn. I hum it without realizing it most of the time, I break into full song with it as I'm doing dishes or folding clothes...I enjoy your Blog so much. It's just another daily reminder for me that God is present in all things. Happy Wednesday to you! What Beautiful roses in the white pitcher..

  3. Oh, I know just what you mean about how God mysteriously speaks in the middle of the muddle! Well captured. "I Surrender All" is one of my favorites (i.e., most needed) hymns, too.

    Thankful to have stopped by from Emily's today.

  4. "In His presence daily live"

    Such a beautiful line. It fits you well.

  5. Ooo, I love that hymn! I might have some piano time later, inspired by your post. Thanks for your thoughts... your blog is LOVELY!

  6. smiles. hope you are enjoying that time with the is hard and on days when the quiet time may look more like remembering him and talking while washing dishes, i think that is just as fine...

  7. It's taken me years to get it through my head that time with God may look very different for each of us in different seasons of life. I think so many young mothers feel guilt that they aren't spending the exact same amount of time with God at the same time every day or in the same way they assume other women are.

  8. Quiet time can come in seconds. Surrendering all for Jesus, but loving all Jesus has blessed us with. Have fun with the grandbabies.

  9. Quiet time for me comes in many, many moments during the day. Try to have it early each morning but sometimes life happens. Thank you for inspiring me to be more diligent in having my time with God. Love the song "I Surrender All" one of my favorites but my all time favorite is "Great Is Thy Faithfulness."

  10. living daily aware...

    oh friend. you spoke to this tired mama's heart tonight. thank you. how you minister...

  11. Oh beautiful Elizabeth,
    Yes, "oh how you minister"--the entire post was just lovely and spoke volumes--I especially love the photography and the texturizing--I think you used stained linen and it is gorgeous--quiet time alone with Him--nothing more precious--love you sweet friend.


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