Friday, February 18, 2011

Jesus and Mason Cash…

I definitely have strong leanings for the homespun and rustic style.

I like…

stoneware more than china

mason jars more than crystal vases

homespun textiles more than lace.

(My mother-in-law loves china and crystal…imagine her chagrin when for my wedding “china”

I chose stoneware dishes.)

I have a great affinity for, of all things, mixing bowls.

I have more heavy, stoneware mixing bowls than one woman with a wee, little kitchen should have.

When I saw this post on Sarah’s blog, a beach cottage, guess what caught my eye?…

the vintage mixing bowl.

Strange as I am, I actually researched what kind of mixing bowl this vintage lovely is and found out it’s by a company called Mason Cash…..and they are a bit pricey.

Imagine my surprise when, a few weeks ago my sweet blog friend, Adrienne, and I were at my favorite antiques store, and right there in the front window display was a Mason Cash mixing bowl!

Imagine my even bigger surprise when it was only seven dollars!




It does have a chip…


but since I will use it more for display than cooking, I don’t mind.

Then, imagine my surprise to find these new stoneware lovelies in the clearance aisle of T.J. Maxx, just a few days ago.





Unfortunately there were only five of them.

I’m hoping I may find more of them one of these days.

Two months ago I’d never even heard the name, Mason Cash, and then to stumble onto

a vintage Mason Cash bowl and then some new Mason Cash plates in such a short time, and for such a low price…

well, I just think Jesus has the most creative ways to show me…

He knows me

He knows what I like

He knows what brings a smile to my face

He notices

He sees me

He loves me

and He’s not beyond placing a total unnecessary surprise in my path to remind me of these things.

(and you know He is head over heels crazy about you too, right?)




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  1. What a lovely post and such encouraging words. Thank you ~ I so needed to hear y this message today!

  2. First, the homemaker side of me loves your treasures very much. Second, the thrifty side of me is even more jazzed about the prices.

    And third, the child of God whole of me loves your reminder that He knows... He cares... He provides... and then, I think He stands there and smiles as we discover His little treasure.

    This post made me smile very big this morning.

  3. Don't you love the way God gives us such 'happy surprises'? Yes, He loves to do it for us, His children - just like we do for ours. Love your new plates. Thinking you should check all of the TJ Maxx stores on the West Coast for more! I'll go with you, my friend! :)

  4. Just clicking around on Etsy and found this Mason Cash bowl and thought of you. I'd never heard of Mason Cash until I read your post this morning. Anyways, here is the site if you're interested in it:

    Sorry about that long link. Not sure what is up with that.

  5. What a lovely post. Sometimes we forget the simplset things God does for or spirit. Love that you have reminded me. I just love basic wares too. You can keep your fine china I'll take a tin plate any day.

  6. ABSOLUTELY LOVELY POST!!! Love your treasures....and oh, how I relish at the breathtaking thought of the treasure we are in God's eyes...and He delights in bringing us little happies in midst of everyday living!!! Our God is Gracious He's love is forever!! Thanks for your Love for Him and sharing your daily experience as a child of the inspire and encourage me!!
    Smiles - Sharon

  7. Hi Elizabeth, well, you know Jesus is just cool and He loves to bless us. Love your blog and outlook on life! Wonderful pottery, your bowl is wonderful!
    Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!

  8. I have a couple of those Mason Cash bowls and they are wonderful! I'd like to have an even smaller one (I have papa bear and mama bear) -- I use them all the time. There is something quaint about them!

  9. I love this post! I love the mixing bowls and plates, and I love how you received them! He does that just for fun, I think.

  10. Indeed, what a lovely perspective! How good to have a God who knows what makes us smile.

  11. What a wonderful and very Inspirational post! I love how you tied in your love of these treasures into a reminder of that we are God's treasures and He knows and loves us best. Thank you so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday last week! :-)


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