Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dinner at home…


There’s something comforting about…

chopping up some fresh veggies

such as onion, celery, red peppers and mushrooms…




seasoning them with a little salt and pepper…


sautéing them in a hot pan with some olive oil…


adding some ground turkey italian sausage and browning it…


tossing in some minced garlic…


adding a splash of red wine, some red pepper flakes to taste, and two 15 oz. cans of tomato sauce

and letting it simmer for a few minutes while you boil a pound of whole grain linquini…


tossing it all with the drained linguini…

adding a generous handful of shredded parmesan cheese…

making a quick salad of mixed greens, diced pear, feta cheese, and vinaigrette…

setting the table…

and having the Hubs walk in the door at the exact minute it’s all ready.

I love dinner at home nights.


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  1. mmmm! Looks good, Elizabeth!!
    I imagine your husband enjoys dinner at home too! What a blessing it is to create a satisfying meal for those we love :-)
    joy in Christ..Trish

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I really like your recipe. I am going to make it for my family.I like having big family dinners. We try to get our kids and their families together as often as possible.Thanks for the recipe
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  3. Your recipe sounds YUMMY!!! Something cooking on the stove makes a house a HOME!! The joy of sitting with family/ friends and enjoying!! Thanks for sharing your heart!!! Blessings!! Sharon

  4. What a deliciously simple recipe! Enjoy :-)


  5. Enjoyed your simple pleasure and now I am hunger...great pictures, how pretty!

  6. Yum. That looks absolutely delicious. Can actually almost smell it cooking. :)

  7. What wonderful photos....and the freedom to take them without people looking askance at you! ;-) Isn't it fun to photograph all the simple pleasures of our lives? (Sometimes, I open your blog and leave it open on my computer to listen to the song! Generally, I dislike blog music, but not this Paintbrush song.)

  8. your pictures make the whole thing look soooo yummy...

  9. Hi Elizabeth...I love chopping veggies too...there is something relaxing about it I think. Great post and great pics. Well done.

  10. Looks great! Isn't it a most satisfying and wonderful feeling to have dinner at home for your husband when he walks in?
    The other day, mine told me he "virtually skips out of the office", in anticipation of arriving home to me, being welcomed by an inviting home and good dinner.
    That's the blessing of this calling.

  11. That's making me feel hungry, but how satisfying to have it all come together like that, right on time too.

  12. Looks incredible. I heart your blog.

  13. Elizabeth, that's one of the most tasty looking simple pleasures I've seen in a while. I agree. I so enjoy the motion of chopping veggies, putting things together in a pan ... lovely post.


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