Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The whole way home…


The week before she fell and broke her hip

I had taken Mama in for her regular check up

Then to my house for family dinner

On the way I had reached out to take her hand

And she wouldn’t let my hand go

The whole way home

Her hands used to bake the best bread I ever tasted

Her hands sewed the fancy little baby dresses

I wore as a wee one

The lace covered nightie with matching robe

She made for me the Christmas after Daddy left us

The wedding dress and veil I wore

As a nineteen year old bride

Her hands are now twisted with arthritis

And lay against white hospital sheets

With I.V. drips going into her veins

My house is decorated for Christmas

But instead of shopping, baking, and the usual holiday preparations

I sit with my siblings and ride the roller coaster

Of the daily ups and downs of Mama’s fragile health

And we take turns holding our Mama’s hand

In the hospital room

And we won’t let Mama’s hand go

The whole way home


Still following,



update~   As I sit next to Mama’s bed as she naps I am amazed at her improvement over the past two days.  I believe this is a direct result of all of your prayers.  Thank you kind friends!   When she came to the hospital my siblings and I thought she just may be going home to heaven, but she is definitely much improved since then.


  1. Continuing to pray for your mama - and for you, my friend. I'm there with you in spirit. I remember how precious my father's hands were to me in his later years. How precious are your Heavenly Father's hands - and they are holding you close!
    Sending hugs your way,

  2. Will be praying for your Mother ....
    and your family

  3. What a sweet post. Praying for your mother and family.

  4. this beautiful.
    And i pray along with everyone else.

  5. Praise the Lord! As her days, so shall
    her strength be on this earth until
    He calls her home. Rest in His care
    and know that He loves your mama
    even more than you do.

  6. it's hard to leave a comment with the screen all blurry.

  7. What a beautiful mother you have! And what a beautiful daughter you are. Praying for you both...

  8. beautiful hand holding.
    prayers for you, your mama, & all of yours,

  9. Praying for all of you, sweet friend. How lovely your mother is! Like mother, like daughter.

  10. There is something so different, but so precious, about sitting next to someone in the hospital during the advent season. For all our efforts to incorporate meaningful activities into our Christmas preparations, there's nothing quite like being in the presence of one who needs Jesus to come, ris'n with healing in His wings. Blessings to you and your sweet mama.

  11. Elizabeth, when I saw the title of this, I feared different news than that in the update. I am grateful that she has seen some improvement.

    This is a beautiful, beautiful post. I can feel the love in every line. I remember the roller coaster very well. I'm lifting you for comfort and strength and a strong sense of the presence of Him who is holding YOUR hands the whole way home.

  12. I love brought tears...the waiting room...had both with my recovered and is doing well after quad bypass now 11 years ago and mama is well with jesus...praying for you as i remember the Christmas before she died in the hospital...

    thanks for your daughter, mama and jesus heart:)

  13. the last line... oh, that last line.... i am bawling. dear, dear elizabeth... how brave of your mama, to keep mothering so well, after hubby left her... oh, what strength of character i see in her lines, in her hands. this was so beautiful. a treasure. love to you. i hope she keeps improving, so you might enjoy christmas with her. xo (just so you know, this will be the final imperfect prose until the new year--thanks so much for linking!)

  14. *tear* oh such beautiful writing and such a beautiful picture!

  15. Your words made me cry. There is such joy in this precious face, and love in your words--a reminder of what is really important at Christmas and every day--our relationships, the ones we love. Enjoy your mom and hold her hand as long as you can! Sweet peace and blessings to you.


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