Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Strong shoulders…

Reality slaps me in the face hard

When I go to Mama’s hospital room

Mama’s 85 and she’s little and frail, shaky and weak

The reality is, even if she gets better, her life here isn’t forever

Then I go to retrieve photos from the external drive

Photos of grandbabies now far away

and the one still nearby, who grows and changes every day

When the computer crashed, it didn’t save them all

The reality is, the things in this life aren’t forever

And I have the urge to cry

Or maybe to yell, “Stop!” and try to make time freeze

As if by my shout I can make mamas not get old and frail

Or make children and grandchildren stay small enough to rock on my lap

In the quiet of the evening

I make myself go to the Strong Place in my spirit

The temple where His Spirit dwells

I climb up on His lap and let Him wrap His arms around me

and I let the tears fall

and I tell Him

Papa, this life down here hurts so at times

He bends low and listens

And He lets me cry

On His strong shoulder


Still following,



  1. And He says, 'I know, my child - I understand. This world hurt me, too!' Prayind that you will feel His mighty arms holding you close.

  2. This is precious, Elizabeth and I know
    just how you feel. Without Him life
    would be unbearable at times.

  3. Oh, Elizabeth, I read every word with a heart of complete understanding.

    Well spoken. You have such a way with words.

  4. oh elizabeth, i'm climbing onto that lap with you. there is comfort in knowing others feel this brokenness too... a communion of sad saints... and one day, new heaven, new earth, and mamas made whole again. so much love to you. thank you for linking. xo

  5. Loss is so hard. And being able to sob and scream at God is ... well, it's just how you described it :)

  6. This is so touching. And so true. Thank you for sharing this....

  7. Oh me, this is priceless--I have a friend who speaks of wrapping herself in the folds of Jesus' robe--such security, such calm, such peace in a changing world--a world that will NOT slow down--I have a couple of grandchildren that are grown up and that is blowing my mind--how can that happen to young, vibrant me? smile

    Your writing--always beautiful, always poignant!

    Don't ever stop.


  8. he is always there to catch us when we fall...we try to hold it all together, and when we break, he is there...
    beautiful words here...


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