Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas suitcase…

When Mama moved into her little apartment in assisted living she had to radically downsize so much of the stuff in her home was sold or given away.  One of the things that she was going to get rid of  was her little suitcase, so I asked for it.  Back when my girls were small, no matter how long Mama was coming to visit us for  she always fit everything  in that one small suitcase.  My girls and I still wonder how she did that!  Since coming to my house the suitcase has been sitting in the stairwell on top of the antique trunk.  For Christmas I simply opened it up and filled it with some greens, pinecones, and gilded pears and apples.

It makes me smile every time I see it.






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  1. How did she do that? Your sweet mama's suitcase looks just like my dear mother-in-law's suitcase that she always brought with her when she arrived - with everything in it! I love what you did with it. I wish I had my dear one's suitcase - she didn't need it when Jesus called her to come home with Him. I may 'borrow' your idea and do something similar with my dear father-in-law's little shoeshine case.

  2. It looks beautiful decorated like that! The lining goes perfectly with the fruit and cones.I remember my older sisters owning similar cases. It's lovely to have these sort of things to see and touch and remember. blessings..Trish

  3. what a great memory and using it to display for the holidays is a great idea.

  4. A regular Mary Poppins! I have several vintage suitcases I treasure probably more than I should, but none with personal family history. I liked seeing yours! Thanks for sharing--great display idea!

  5. that looks wonderful, and i love that not only is it decor, but it has such special meaning!

  6. This just could NOT be sweeter. I love it not only because of the way it looks but for what it represents. It's just wonderful.

  7. Aww... it is just perfect! I can see why it makes you smile with such a beautiful memory!

  8. Ah ... what a bittersweet post. My dad has an old suitcase that I keep forgetting to pick up when I'm at home. Thanks for the reminder, and thanks for linking up today. So good to see you.

  9. What a wonderful suitcase! And a delightful way to enjoy it. It does bring back memories.

  10. That is lovely to see. It reminds me of my mother-in-law who could pack much into her case which looked very similar. One simple pleasure evokes so many good memories, so thanks.

  11. Hey friend, you never fail to catch a raw nerve with me--how utterly tender--thank you!

  12. How lovely. Personal, sweet, beautiful.

  13. Love your pleasure ..its beautiful the way you have it displayed in the picture ..Its a treasure for years to come !!!

  14. What a nice tribute to your Mama. I think she would approve.


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