Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spread the gratitude…

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When I make bread I always “proof the yeast”.

I activate it in warm water with a bit of sugar and if it gets foamy I know the yeast is good.

Doing this prevents wasted ingredients, as well as wasted time and effort, resulting in bread that won’t rise.

This gratitude gathering is “good leavening”.

It began with Ann and is still “rising”.

Instead of confining my thanksgiving to my blog,

for the second year in a row, everyday in the month of November,

I , and now many of my friends,

are posting something we are thankful for as our daily Facebook status.

Might you consider joining us?

Let’s keep spreading the gratitude.


my continuing gratitude list #733-#751




-my own bed


-dinner at my daughter’s house


-my buddy


-an unexpected mid-week date with the Hubs


-oldest granddaughter calling to say she has finally mastered tying her shoes


-a perfectly ripe pear


-a beautiful walk





-Handel’s Messiah


-helping to lift someone’s burden




-a fire in the fireplace


-homemade soup




-eating dinner, playing cards and laughing with friends


-antiquing and lunch with oldest daughter, her mom in law, and baby granddaughter



-the Hubs who did some laundry for me while I was doing the above


-an unexpected visit with my nephew and his family


-the church, and our little part of it


Gratefully yours,


the gratitude gatherers-

holy experience


  1. This is a wonderful list! And such awesome photos to go with them all!

  2. Love your post....Love , love the pictures such color and the walk .............

  3. Love the last one especially. Beautiful images, as always.

  4. Such lovely pictures and good reminders . . . Handel's Messiah . . . haven't heard it yet this season, but soon! :)

  5. Elizabeth,
    Beautiful blessings. Gratitude is one of them.


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