Monday, November 15, 2010

Great gift…

She prayed, along with so many, many others, for my oldest daughter to have a baby.

She prayed  through the 8 plus years of my daughter’s,  her granddaughter’s,

waiting, and loss, and trying again.

Seeing my 85 year old mama with this little answer to prayer, her great granddaughter,

is truly a gift.





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  1. And a beautiful gift they are! What a treasure when our precious grandchildren can have time with those dear ones who have prayed for them - from the beginning.

  2. A celebration of family! :o)

  3. I am loving this--the composition and the content of that second picture is priceless and paints a message that crosses the generations. Lovely, Elizabeth, just lovely!

    Loving you,

  4. Prayer moves the Hand of God, and changes the course of history! You are change-agents today, as you....


  5. I get it. I prayed for 17 yrs and finally God answered when he said it was time. He was right.

  6. I have that feeling in my chest reading this. I'm sure you know the one. What a wonderful blessing that she got to enjoy the yes of God.

    I so hope that my own mother gets to enjoy great grandchildren some day. She would love nothing more.


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