Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer’s end…

The calendar in my leather bound Dayrunner says there are two and a half more weeks of summer, but my inner calendar tells me this is the last day.  In our city, on the corner of my street, tomorrow morning a rainbow of red, yellow, black, white, noisy, back pack carrying precious ones will line up and wait for the school bus.  I have no little ones at home to buy pencils and paper for,  but I feel the ending of the summer, and the beginning of the busy season all the same.  We will say goodbye to summer today with daughter and son in law and baby granddaughter,  and son in law’s parents, and we will grill burgers, and drink iced tea.  This summer has been one full of emotional changes for us, and yet, we have so, so, much to be thankful for, to look forward to.  God is good…all the time.


My continuing gratitude list #591-#606
-mornings with Jesus
-walks with my husband
-talking with my daughter grandbabies on Skype
-waking up (two mornings in a row) with a song in my heart…”My soul sings, my soul sings, my soul sings, how I love You…”


-a gut-level honest truth session between God and I…He “gets” me…isn’t that amazing?
-coming home
-football season
-baby granddaughter so happy to see us when we got home
-driving to church, I saw the most beautiful, big hawk, perched like a statue on a tree top
-awesome church today, lives touched by Him
-lunch filled with laughter with friends after church
-a good visit with my Mama
-fun with a friend buying the items for our church’s donation for the crisis pregnancy center fundraiser
-I have a ticket to go see my grandbabies in South Carolina…seven weeks from now…it’s a surprise to them, shhhh, don’t tell!

Gratefully yours~
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  1. "He gets me" I love that. Joining you in gratitude on this beautiful day.

  2. Enjoyed your list especially "waking up with songs in my heart.....My soul sings, my soul sings,my soul sings how I love you." :-)

  3. Catching up after several vacation days offline - down where you and your hubby and my sweetheart and I used to pastor. Much to share when we get together. Love that Jesus 'gets' me - even when no one else does. And at those times when even I don't 'get' me! He does - and He smiles and loves and says, 'She's mine!'


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