Monday, September 6, 2010

The other Nana…

There’s no pain like seeing your child in pain and knowing there’s not a thing you can do to help.

I remember the sound of my daughter’s cries behind the closed door as she told her husband that the doctor had said she might not be able to have a baby. 

It was the unmistakable wail of mourning.  That sound coming from my firstborn baby still haunts me, causes my stomach to knot when I think about it.

I heard it too many more times as a hopeful conception was followed by a devastating miscarriage…three times.

Another mama heard her son’s cries.

We were two mama’s with kids that had owies much too big for us to bandage or kiss away.

We prayed. Everyone we know prayed.  People we didn’t know prayed.

The Lord responded, and today, two Nanas had a backyard barbecue, with a miracle.


The other Nana, with our youngest granddaughter, the little miracle…


Her son, my son in law…DSC_0050ps



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  1. Oh how I can relate to your childs pain. I waited 17yrs for my sweet miracle to happen. But only God knows when and he knows why. Bless your little miracle.

  2. This is so precious. God hears the cries of a Mother's heart!
    Thank you for sharing this today.

  3. More Lord, More............LOL, Susan

  4. Oh, Elizabeth, what a beautiful, touching story. Congratulations to both Nanas and the precious parents.

    Pictures are great also--I love that sweet kiss!

  5. This is just beautiful. What a blessing.

  6. She is, indeed, a miracle. And a cute one at that! :-)

    God bless you as you celebrate His life-giving grace.

  7. Precious! I know the pain of losing the babies and yet knowing that God has a plan - and I know the horrible pain of hearing a daughter sob and weep over what can't be. And I know the joy of restoration and the miraculous! Thank you for sharing your little miracle-answer-to-prayer girl!

  8. :::There’s no pain like seeing your child in pain and knowing there’s not a thing you can do to help:::

    i know of this.



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