Wednesday, August 25, 2010

“”Old Blue”…now glazed and waxed…

When we refloored and repainted our downstairs and switched over to a more beach cottage look I sanded this old blue dresser to distress it.  I liked it, but something wasn’t quite right.  I knew it didn’t look like other distressed furniture I had seen on decor blogs or while out shopping, but with my lack of furniture finishing experience I didn’t know what was missing.



DSC_0027 edit


Then I read on several blogs about adding a glaze over painted furniture and then finishing it with a paste wax finish.  I know nothing about glazing, but I read on someone’s blog, (and if it’s yours please comment me so I can give you credit), that you can make a simple glaze with Burnt Umber acrylic craft paint thinned down with water.   So, I hauled “old blue” out onto the deck, brushed on the watered down paint, wiped it off with paper towels, and repeated until I achieved the right look.  When it was dry, I wiped on paste wax, and when that was dry, buffed it with a soft cotton sock.  Now, I think “old blue” is perfectly imperfect!



DSC_0002 edit


DSC_0008 edit 

DSC_0012 edit


DSC_0017 edit

My husband, who is normally pretty uninterested in decor and therefore frequently doesn’t notice changes, noticed the change in “Old Blue” right away.  He said, “I really like it now!”…and so do I!

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  1. I use a burnt umber glaze on my art canvases to make them look old but would have never thought of using it on furniture. That is exactly what "Old Blue" needed. Wonder if a coat of it would help "Old Me?" ha

    It really is great looking--thanks for sharing all the tips--and yes, I know some artists who finish off their canvases with paste wax also--funny how some of those old things that went out of style for a while are roaring back in.

  2. Love the look of your old piece. It's just perfect! I'm thinking of doing the same with a couple of pieces of mine.

  3. I love the paint effect on this dresser, it looks fabulous!

  4. what a great tip... It really did make a different on "old blue". My husband builds furniture for me then I distress it - going to give your tip a try. Thanks!

    Linda J

  5. So fabulous! I love "Old Blue's" new look! Love your beach cottage decor too! AND, I so appreciate the glazing tutorial...I didn't know this, which explains why my distressed look doesn't quite look right!

    Great pics, by the way!


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