Saturday, June 5, 2010

God of the details…




Nothing is so small that it escapes His notice.

Nothing too insignificant for Him to make beautiful.

He pays attention to the details.




  1. So true! He is the God of the impossible - and the tiniest of details. All at once - and I am amazed!

  2. It's easy to feel as if your troubles/trials are insignificant compared to the vast world we leave in. Nice to be reminded that we are never insignificant to God. Thanks for the reminder!! Oh I love your banner for your blog!! God bless, Deb <><

  3. How precious that is! What a beautiful reminder!
    (P.S. I read the Mitford books once a year also. :))
    (PPS Love the macro lens. It makes me notice those God-details.)

  4. An awesome reminder, we get so wrapped up in our own lives sometimes that we forget God has EVERYTHING under control, including the little details!


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