Monday, June 7, 2010

God of the details, part two…

Years ago, when it became evident that my Daddy and his wife needed to move into assisted living, us kids had quite a shock when we had to go clean out their house.  Daddy had managed to keep us from the truth about how bad things had gotten by avoiding having us over to his home.  It was dirty, run down, and filled with junk.  As my siblings and I hauled load after load out to the dumpster, we joked with one another about the possibility of finding a valuable treasure in the midst of the mess.  I commented that there was only one thing out of all of Dad’s stuff that I would like.  When I was little Daddy had a little plastic toy that he would bring out and show us kids.  It was two little sailors that walked when you put them on something that sloped.  Dad was a World War II navy vet, and that little toy reminded me of him and of happier times.  But in the midst of piles and piles of trash, what was the chance of finding a toy no bigger than two inches tall?  Late that evening, with a huge dumpster piled high, the house was finally almost empty.  We had found no valuable treasures in the midst of the mess, but when we were down to the last few things, one of my siblings let out a whoop, ran up to me, and handed me the one thing, the only thing, I wanted.  To me it is a treasure.



The past few chaotic, messy days, God has been reminding me that He is in control, and that He is watchful over even the smallest details of our life. 

He’s working even the smallest things together for our good.

  I am so grateful. 

Gratitude list #440-450

-help packing up our things so the house can be painted and refloored

-help from my sister with taking care of Mama

-guidance and step by step provision for moving Mama

-a hot bubble bath at the end of a stressful day


-waking up and seeing three squirrels playing together in the tree outside our window

-my hubby going out of his way to bring me a hot coffee

-a whole crew of hardworking guys helping lay the wood flooring in our house

-hearing oldest granddaughter giggling with a little friend

-a much needed break from the mess and chaos of the torn up house, a good night’s rest at a hotel provided by the insurance

-the grandkids enjoying a swim at the hotel swimming pool



Gratefully yours,


Join me and many others in counting our gratitude gifts...

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  1. When we moved Mama, I struggled with wanting to keep everything. Little by little, I am finding the small treasures, the things that most remind me of sweet times. What a blessing you are!

  2. Oh, Elizabeth. I can so relate to moving parents and cleaning out their home. Just about 3 years ago, we moved my parents from their home of over 40 yrs. into a retirement center close to my brothers which was 7 hrs. away. It was a long, drawn out, and way overdue process.

    My dad is also a WWII Navy vet and I know how much that simple little toy must mean to you. What a treasure!

    Recognizing God is at work and in the details during your chaos at home is a blessing in itself! Rewards are sure to come.

    Your grands are such cuties! Enjoy~

  3. I am excited to have found this blog and have been blessed by your posts. It's hard to see our parents getting older and having to help them as they helped us growing up. Love your gratitude list and enjoy your music. God bless, Deb <><

    PS I blogged about your blog on a recent post. :)

  4. Don't you just love the way God loves us and longs to give us the 'little' things that mean much to us ever after? He's a good God - all the time!


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