Saturday, March 6, 2010

When the cats are away at Men's Retreat...

When the cats are away at Truelife Church's annual men's retreat,
the mice decide to do a little shoppin' at Ikea!

Grandson and granddaughter like Ikea.

Middle daughter, baby granddaughter and her mama, my oldest daughter, and our good friend like Ikea.

Time for some dinner!

The swedish meatball dinner is on sale for $1.00 this weekend! 
We are livin' large while the fellas are gone!

My grandson, aka Mr. Funny, is enjoying his meatballs with a side of fries. 
 Baby granddaughter looks on and eventually tries her first french fry too.

Beautiful baby granddaughter thinks the food is mighty tasty.

Beautiful oldest granddaughter is enjoying dinner as well.

And I feel so blessed to have my beautiful girls and grandbabies around while Papa is away
...except somethin's missing
...or should I say someone...

and I'm missin' her bunches.

Blessings to you this beautiful weekend,


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