Friday, March 5, 2010

I simply remember my favorite things...Friday's favs

Since forever, Friday has been hubby and my date day...our day off together.  Being a pastor, on Saturdays he is preoccuppied about Sunday, and holes up in his office going over his notes for Sunday.  Other ministers that we know take Mondays off, but we find that just never worked for us.  And so Friday it is.  I love Friday.

And so, in honor of Friday, I post the words to a song from my days of working at the school:

Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day
Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day
Monday is a bummer
Tuesday's only fair
Wednesday's gettin' better
Thursday's almost there
But Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite, Friday is my favorite day.

Happy Friday everyone!

1 comment:

  1. So sweet that ya'll have Fridays off together! Fridays are my day off as well and I look forward to it so much! Have a great weekend!



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