Monday, March 22, 2010


holy experience
My heart is full of praise, of thanks to Him, Who is...

G od above all gods, the One True God
R edeemer, Restorer, Rock, Refuge
A ll Mighty, All Powerful, Alpha and Omega
T he Beginning and the End
I nfinite in Wisdom
T ranscendant above all
U nderstanding of our humanity, yet without sin
D eliverer
E mmanuel, God with us

-yellow daffodils with orange centers
-birds enjoying the birdbath
-squirrels playing in the trees
-all of above in view from my home office window
-dinner with friends

-grandkids playing with our friend's pet bunny
-youngest daughter sharing her notes* from her internship at International House of Prayer
(so helpful and practical!)
-baby granddaughter making the sign for "please" and then lifting up her hands every time she sees Papa
(Please pick me up Papa!)
-the privilege of teaching God's Word
-the beauty of where we live

Right here in my urban neighborhood,  two blocks south of my home,
 this beautiful older home and red barn

Beautiful farmland south of our city, with Mt. Hood, just east of our city.

*(How to Meditate on Scripture:
Read It-
read the verse several times and note how the construction of the verse may effect what is read
Write It-
write the verse exactly as it is written one time. Close your Bible, and set it aside.
Once you have the verse you don't want another verse pulling your attention away from this one.
Say It-
say the verse or phrase out loud. Say it loud enough that your ears can hear it.
Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God
Sing It-
 Singing it is a means to unlocking the heart.
Take your isolated phrase and sing it over and over again.
Write out what you sense and perceive.
Pray It-
Prayer is a divine means of communication with God.
When doing this it is best to have a paper divided into sections.
Top section with the verse.
Large middle section for the meditation.
 A side column to write down distractions or tasks.
Small bottom column for future word studies you would like to do because of this verse.)
Thankfully yours,


  1. Your list and photos are beautiful. Thanks for the tips on how to meditate on Scripture. I had never thought about setting out my page in such a way.

  2. I love the meditation tips also. And especially love the GRATITUDE poetry at the top. Very meaningful.


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