Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Arctic Blast '09...

Temperatures below freezing all week here in the City of Roses...and for all Portlanders, you know what that means... 24/7 news coverage about the cold weather.  Our usual winter weather is rain, rain, rain...so when it gets below freezing, or should there be a chance of snow or freezing rain, it becomes headline news....non stop headline news.

Personally, I rather like it when winter feels like winter.  And when it's icy cold, and yet the skies are blue and cloudless...how incredible is that!  (Portland winter skies are usually gray!)  Of course, I have a nice warm cozy house, warm clothes, a fireplace, hot chocolate, warm pajamas...the outside temperatures don't have to phase me much.

It's cold outside...the world outside is cold and cruel...but inside my spirit, O God, let the fire of Your love burn hot.  Help me not to let the contrary winds of outward circumstances penetrate and hinder the warmth inside my spirit.  Help me to guard and keep the fire inside my heart burning hot with the fuel of Your Word and Worship and Prayer. Come Oh Lover of my soul and be the flame upon my heart, and may I burn so bright and hot that the fire of Your great love spreads through me to others.

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