Monday, November 2, 2009

Thank you God for "foob"...

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My two oldest grandbabies spent an evening at our house a few nights ago. My six year old grandaughter I call "Fancy Nancy" after the main character in a set of children's books. Like the girl in the books, she longs to be fancy, but much to her chagrin, she lives in a "plain" family.
My five year old grandson, I call Mr. Funny, because he is! He can be a very serious deep thinker, but that boy can also tickle my funny bone like no other!
So, the evening they were at our house, I gave them paper, a magazine and a catalog, scissors and glue, and told them to find pictures of things they were thankful for.
Fancy Nancy grabbed the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and went to town cutting and glueing things that looked more like a "wish" list to me than a "thanks" list.
Mr. Funny was stuck with an old issue of Better Homes and Gardens. He found a picture of peanut butter and jelly with a stack of sandwiches. As he cut and pasted, he talked about their family's two months missions trip to Africa. Smart mommy had packed along p.b. and j. (It's hard for two little ones to adjust to all the unfamiliar foods...especially Mr. Funny, who can also be Mr. Picky.) Each night before bed in Ghana, West Africa, Fancy Nancy and Mr. Funny would end their day with a taste of home-one peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When Mr. Funny made his thankful picture, I believe he really was thankful for his "foob".

And I really am thankful for...

101. A very special personal touch from God to my heart in worship

102. A great Sunday together with both our north and south locations
103. Wednesday's prayer meeting
104. Hearing my husband singing worship in his home office

105. An evening with my grandbabies...all bathed and in their pajamas...Snuggle Time!
106. Intercessors who pray for us
107. Little ladybug, youngest grandaughter, next to her Fancy Nancy cousin

108.Serving a God who cares about how irritated our messy book laden bedside tables made me and provided an answer without me even asking. ( And a thanks within a thanks that this book lover married a book lover, and we raised three book lovers, who are now raising their own book lovers!) Beautiful solid wood bedside tables with a bottom shelf for books for cheap, cheap, cheap! YaY!
109.That we got to set the clock BACK an hour instead of ahead
110. The sermon at church on Sunday....oh so good, even if I am married to the preacher!

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