Saturday, October 31, 2009

First thing/Everything...

I woke up feeling unpressured, unhurried. I had two things I wanted to get done today, my usual Saturday housework, and then go to my mom's and clean her house. But first, light the candle and spend time at prayer bench and time in the Word.

I was determined not to rush, not to allow interruptions and distractions to rob me from divine connection. And suddenly I remembered something forgotten on my to-do list. I had said yes to something that is a bigger task than either I or the one asking me realized. I felt my heart sink and got a little teary-eyed- like someone or something is tearing me out of my Lover's arms before I even have a chance to really get there. Like a young couple desperate to be together, I want Him to put a ladder up to my window and take me away.

Take me away, Lord, from this list of things to-do, from the others who grab at me for time and attention. I can't give them Your love or the time and attention they really need, without time with You where I am filled to the full with Divine Love, so that it overflows to them. I choose right now, I am determined, I will seek You first. You said all these other things will fall into place if I do. I take my mental to do list and place it in your hands. You order my agenda today. First on the list, is You. Last on the list, is You. All through the list is You. You are my life and breath God. Not just a first thing, but Everything.

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