Monday, November 9, 2009

After the

She's dead! The old me
Nailed to a tree
With Him
Stooped over with heaviness
Tethered with clanking chains of bondage
Wasting away, diseased with bitterness, anger, resentment
Wounds oozing
And over all, a garish garment of pride
Dead, gone and buried
Thank God!

She lives! The new me
Raised to newness of life
With Him
Standing straight and tall
Unhindered, unchained
Whole and healthy
Life-giving love, forgiveness, grace and mercy
Flowing to me, through me
To others
And over all, a clean white robe of righteousness
Alive, raised to a new life
Thank God!

The Beauty that you now see
That's me!
I'm free!
To dance, to sing, to love
Thank God!
(based on Romans 6)

holy experience
Today I thank God for..
111. Sunday lunch with the grandbabies
112. Total peace and quiet as I kneel by my prayer bench
113. Baby grandaughter can clap!
114. Five year old grandson calling me on the phone, "Nana, you want to come over and see my muscles?"
115. Six year old grandaughter sewing a pillow for her dolly.
116. That same grandaughter, eyes closed, face up, hands raised, worshipping God.
117. A day at the beach with baby grandaughter.
118. The drive home from the beach with my hubby singing along to worship music in the car.
119. A stormy day outside, a warm candlelit house inside, and the smell of chicken roasting in the oven.
120. Lunch and laughter with friends


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