Monday, October 19, 2009


The house was massive, impressive, intimidating even, from the outside. But we were greeted at the door with a huge smile and a warm hug. Inside the house was a home, not pretentious, but welcoming. Touches of old European taste were here and there, oil paintings, lace tableclothes. We had been invited to dinner, my husband and I, my son in law, daughter and grandaughter, and another couple from our church, to the home of this couple we are just beginning to know. We are their pastor's now, since last May. They moved here from Romania in the seventies. Believers under communist regime. He, imprisioned for being caught with a car full of Bibles. After communism fell some of the documents were released to them, records being kept of all of their activities. Informants revealed, some trusted fellow believers, betrayers due to fear of the consequences for not cooperating with the authorities. The meal was lovely. The conversation good; enlightening. As the evening was winding to a close, our lovely hostess looks me in the eyes and says, "We have wanted to have you over for quite awhile, but now, now is the time." And then she says the words that pierce my soul. "It is such an honor for us to have you in our home." And I say, meaning it as much as I've ever meant anything in my life, "No, the honor is ours!"

I'm grateful. One of the greatest blessings God gives me is correcting my perspective about what I perceive as trials in my life. Believers all over the world are suffering, persecuted, giving their lives, for the cause of Christ. I needed to be reminded that night.

holy experience
81. The body of Christ, from every nation, tribe, tongue-and our little part of it that we pastor
82. Old friends and new friends
83. Watching a good movie lying in bed next to my husband
84. Fall's treasures

85. Our beautiful part of the world...our yard, my little piece of Portland

86. Health
87. A thunderstorm
88. Jan Karon's "Mitford" books...I think I've read them all at least 8 times!
89. A bathtub full of hot water and bubbles
90. Adults spontaneously singing "Jesus loves me this I know" in church Sunday morning

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