Friday, October 30, 2009

I simply remember my favorite things...

Some of my favorite things are...
...knowing all is well between God and me hearted communication with my husband
...a hot bath, comfy pajamas, clean sheets and grandma's quilt
...a cup of hot coffee warming my hands on a cold morning
...knowing I helped or encouraged someone
...ending a day knowing I ate right and exercised
...a nice warm hubby to snuggle with
...when the whole house is clean and organized
...knowing I accomplished what I needed to get done before I go to bed
...freshly bathed and pajama clothed grandbabies sun and palm trees

...snow days that shut everything down and gives the whole city an excuse to stay home

...a walk on a crispy, clear fall day with colorful leaves crunchy underfoot

...the leather smell of my Bible (even better than new car smell!)
...the scones and tea at Murchies in Victoria
...the lobster in Maine hair right after it's cut, colored, and styled, (why oh why doesn't it look like that everyday?)
...sister bonds - between my three girls, between my sisters and me

...graham crackers and milk
...a good book that you don't want to put down
So many more I could list! Maybe next Friday?

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