Thursday, October 29, 2009

Belly laughs...

The doctor on the t.v. show comments about how often babies and children belly laugh. His premise is that the Word of God is true, (imagine that!), and that laughter is good medicine. He says that we, as adults, need ten belly laughs a day. Ten! Not little chuckles, but belly laughs! Now I think I am a pretty positive person, with an easily tickled funny bone, but I honestly think I may be overestimating to say I probably get ten belly laughs in a month. Ten belly laughs a day! Imagine that! Maybe it's my definition of belly laugh that is the problem. To me a belly laugh is the kind of laugh that makes you laugh and cry all at once. It's the kind of laugh that you can't stop of your own accord. It's the kind of laugh that reveals your true laughing sound...not a polite controlled laugh...but in my case, it's the laugh that begins with a kind of honking sound, similar to the sound of a Canadian goose. That sound has been known to publicly embarass me...maybe that's why belly laughing is all too rare in my life!

In our family, we have an up and coming comedian...a.k.a., Mr. Funny.

My five year old grandson is either going to be a theologian, or a comedian. He can go from asking insightful questions about topics such as God, heaven, the Bible, angels, or demons to this...tromping down the stairs from his room in his Great Grandpa's tweed hat, ready to put on a show for the family. Tonight, Mr. Funny, and his big sister, Fancy Nancy, are going to spend the evening at our house. That should be good for at least a half dozen of today's daily belly laugh requirement.

What makes you belly laugh? Comment and tell me about the last good laugh you had.


  1. Of course my kids make me belly laugh, but the best is when my Mom calls me out of the blue and doesn't say hi she just starts into a joke. She will sometimes be laughing already and that gets me to laugh. Mom's laugh can get you to start belly laughing and not even know why you are laughing.

  2. Mr Funny and Fancy Nancy/Capitan Obvious make me laugh all the time. I think the last belly laugh was when Mr Funny told his Dad (in the midst of a wrestling match) "You're impossible! I am going to tell on you! Moooooommmmmmmmmmmmm......"
    Fancy Nancy asking where Dad's truck was....while sitting in it....

  3. I laugh pretty easy, but the last time I seriously belly laughed was when I watched Elli try to nod and it looked more like head banging. It was great!


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