Saturday, September 26, 2009


Saturdays usually aren't lazy days in a pastor's home. At least not in this pastor's home. Saturday is a day of preparation for the big day, Sunday. Husband is in his office much of the day, focusing, meditating, praying, studying, planning for the next day. I am cleaning, getting house/home ready for the first day of the week.

There have been times through the years when I have wondered...wondered about what life is like for those who live a life different than ours. For those whose job is just that-a job and not a calling- a life-consuming, driving force. I've even been a bit envious of those whose weekend is two days of relaxation.

As we've gotten older, things have changed a bit...hubby actually takes some Saturdays off now to passionately cheer on his favorite college football team. We've both mellowed a bit- some, not a lot, not fully letting go of, but relaxing our hold on the false idea that what happens on Sunday is solely dependant on us.

To be transparently honest, our life has advantages too. Days off can be Friday. Time away can be randomly scheduled according to what works best. And of course, the utmost advantage-we work for the most wonderful Boss!

Today is one of those Saturdays. Too busy, too much to do, a written list of things needing done so we won't forget anything important. A day when it's easy to just get up and start on the list, and forget time at the prayer bench, time in the Word. Instead, I light the candle, kneel at the bench and tell my Boss, "You order my day. Help me to see what Your priorities are. Help me not to get so caught up in getting things checked off my to do list that I forget that this life, this calling, is about reconciling people to Your heart....about being Your representative to them. So in the business that is my Saturday help me to really see the people I meet today, to see what You see in them, show me how to love them, to be a blessing. You're the Boss, You order my day. Amen."

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