Sunday, September 27, 2009

A thousand things to thank God for...

holy experience

I won't be home on Monday, but I so wanted to make sure I posted the beginnings of my gratitude list! Join me in the Gratitude Community by clicking on the Holy Experience blog link under my blog list.

1. That I'm lavished with love, grace and favor by Jesus
2. That my dad, in spite of all his brokenness, somehow nurtured and awakened my spirit to the Father's love
3. That God has helped me to not give up or quit as a wife, mom, believer, pastor
4. My family
5. My Bible

6. Joyce Meyer, her show, her books
7. Ann Voskamp's blog
8. A peace retreat for my grandbabies
9. That God is in control!
10. Answered prayer for a certain young lady
11. Prayer meeting with my brothers and sisters in Christ
12. My prayer bench
13. A cool fall morning/a sunny fall day
14. My husband
15. The smell of coffee first thing in the morning
16. to pay the bills
17. My three girls that love Jesus, my two son-in-laws, my three grandbabies
18. Oldest grandaughter's sore throat better
19. New friends, new blog friends
20. Baby grandaughter with her two new teeth, and stand up hair
21. Oldest grandaughter's spontaneous song about Jesus holding the world so it doesn't fall out of space
22. Home
23. My girl's blogs (see my list!)
24. Music
25. Answered prayer - friend's runaway daughter came home
26. Friday...a day to spend with my hubby
27. Answered prayer again!
28. Water to drink...good Oregon water!
29. A good brisk walk
30. The way my grandson makes me laugh
31. My church family
32. Dairy Queen ice cream with the grandbabies
33. Paper work I've been avoiding is done, and it wasn't even hard!
34. Notes of encouragement
35. Friends to laugh with
36. International House of Prayer
37. A good nights sleep
38. Beautiful sunrise
39. A late night phone call from a far away daughter 40. Earthenware mixing bowls

41. Clearance sales
42. The sun filtering through the old growth trees right here in my backyard in the city

43. Fish tacos...YUM!
44. Libaries
45. Books, books, books
46. Handel's Messiah
47. A daughter who uses her painful journey of endurance to help others
48. A daughter who helps me watch after my mom
49. A daughter who makes me laugh and cry
50. Paper, drawing pencils, watercolor paints
51. A cheery red soup pot 52. Fall soup making weather
53. Gourds and pumpkins and Indian corn
54. The children's minstries team at our church
55. The set up crew at our church
56. All the behind the scenes people that make church happen
57. The Spirit of God that meets with us when we gather
58. The church giving to a hurting, sick single mom today
59. A clean home office...this is the room that most collects mess
60. My grandson, just starting kindergarten, who knelt by my prayer bench today "reading" outloud bits and pieces of verses he knows all mixed together ending with the words, "John 15:21" after which he said, "Nana, this book really has good verses in it!" What's not to be thankful for about that! :)

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