Friday, August 14, 2009


It's the 14th of August and I am hibernating. My husband and I traditionally take Fridays as our day off. Being in the ministry, Saturday ends up being a day to make sure you are all ready for Sunday, so Fridays have always been our day instead. (Obviously, during the school year when I am working this doesn't work, so our only "time off" together is Friday evening.) When, yesterday, my husband asked what I wanted to do today I couldn't think of anything else to say but, "absolutely nothing".

In my mind, this summer was going to be laid back and relaxing. In reality, other than our trip to Palm Springs in June, it has been a pretty busy summer. We have been working hard on the merge of our two churches and getting to know the wonderful people in our new congregation. We've had church campouts and youth camps. We've made plans and tried to solve problems. We've helped to care for my mother who lives close by, we've done household chores and repairs, balanced checkbooks and paid bills, and best of all, spent time with the kids and grandkids...the busyness of daily life.

This week it hit me. Fall is almost here, and instead of feeling ready and refreshed, I feel tired. So, today I decided to give myself permission to do nothing and go nowhere...
Instead I've stayed in comfy lounging clothes sans makeup and read a book that made me both laugh and cry, I've taken a nap, I woke up and made some homemade pizza dough that is now rising for tonight's dinner, now I'm going to watch my favorite cooking show or maybe a favorite movie. I am hibernating today...and I'm happy.

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