Thursday, July 26, 2018

Friday Faves...Kitchen Remodel One Year Later

It's been a year since our kitchen remodel. I thought I'd write a post about how things are holding up,
the things I'm loving and anything that I would change if I could.
I LOVE the quartz countertops. I love the cement look of the color I chose. I don't set hot objects directly on the countertops or cut with a knife directly on them, but I wouldn't do those things on any type of countertop. 

The large subway tile backsplash, no regrets! Timeless and easy to clean. 

I love the sink that we chose.   We also chose to not put in a garbage disposal. We thought we could put one in later if we decided we wanted one, but I honestly don't miss having one at all.
The professional paint job on the 1990's oak cabinetry is holding up very well. It was definitely worth the money to have the cabinets painted right. If I wasn't on a budget I may have purchased new cabinetry with a more simple shaker style look since I don't love the decorative curve in the cabinet doors. On the other hand, two of my daughters have brand new white cabinetry and both have had cabinet doors that came off and some cracking and chipping on the finish. There were some benefits to keeping the older sturdy, solid oak cabinets and, of course, it saved us a lot of money.

I am so glad that we cut out the wood inserts in the upper cabinets and replaced it with this reeded glass. I love it. I am also glad that it's opaque enough to not show all the items inside the cabinets, but see through enough to feel more open.

All in all, one year after our kitchen update, I'm still loving it!

It's almost FRIDAY, friends!
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
a BLESSED weekend!




  1. so much to love about your kitchen ♥
    of everything, i have to say your
    counter tops are my favorite kitchen edit!

  2. so happy that you're happy. It's hard to top contentment.

  3. Your update is timely for me. We are contemplating what updates we will do in our kitchen. Loved knowing that things are holding up well. Your kitchen is such a joy to share with you.

  4. It's a beautiful kitchen! And it's wonderful when we know we made the right choices :)

  5. Your home exudes order and peace and welcome and light. I should like to come and have a cup of tea with you. And I always read your blog posts on Feedly, even if I don't comment often here. Love, love your writings, Elizabeth. xoxo


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