Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge and Lake Sacagawea...

(We saw several raccoons that were the largest ones I've ever seen!)
Last year, when our then second grader granddaughter was being homeschooled, I did one day a week "Nana school" with her to give her mama a bit of a break.  We did a lot of fun things together after her day's school work was done.  One of those fun things was going to the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge. This year she and her little sister are attending school, but she loved the wildlife refuge so much that she was excited to revisit it this year with her little sister when they were at our house last week.  Here are some photos from that visit.
(The autumn colors were so lovely.)

(A beaver habitat.)

After our visit to the Wildlife Refuge we drove a bit further north and had lunch in Longview, Washington, then enjoyed a visit to Lake Sacajawea.  It is a beautiful park with walking paths around the lake and a great playground for the kids to enjoy.

(The girls wanted me to take a photo of their little toy.)
(I love this photo of our two youngest granddaughters-ages 8 and 5.)

I would say a good time was had by all-even Papa and Nana.

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  1. We love to go to the Wildlife Refuge. We took my mom and some friends out there two weeks ago today. It was so much fun. We sat for about 15 minutes watching a heron eat a very long snake. I used to think they only ate fish until we started going out there. We have seen this happen three different time.

    1. Oh my! That must have been interesting to see!

  2. Absolutely lovely photos and you captured the pure joy of fall.

    1. Thank you, Kelleyn. We had a wonderful day together!

  3. Beautiful!...and great bonding time with the young ones!

  4. The hole in the tree looks like a big foot print. The kids looks like they are having a ball being out doors and with all the leaves. Sounds like a nice day for everyone. :)

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

  5. Oh, I love autumn foliage.. so pretty! Looks like the kiddies had fun. :)

  6. Lovely shots of this refuge in the fall. Your granddaughters are adorable. My grands were homeschooled until this year. They are having a bit of adjustment to the classroom, but I think it's good overall. I hope!


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