Thursday, October 5, 2017

Friday Faves-Simple Fall Decor

My tastes have changed over the years when it comes to seasonal decor.  I still love to decorate for the seasons and holidays, but I want it to be peaceful, simple, and easy on the eyes. I don't want it to look over the top or cluttered.

A subtle colored pumpkin or squash placed here or there is just right to me.

Some wheat in an ironstone pitcher, some velvet pumpkins plopped inside an ironstone pedestal bowl and a foraged branch of autumn leaves in an old demijohn is easy on the eyes and as simple as can be to do.

I moved the chalkboard from my kitchen nook into my home office and replaced it with this vintage looking kraft paper roll.

For those who can't quite grasp the flow of our kitchen, dining room and kitchen nook, let me explain using the grid above. 

In the top left photo you are entering the kitchen/dining area from the entry hall. You are stepping into the dining room and the kitchen is to your right. The kitchen nook is barely visible beyond the barstools in this photo. (You can see the kraft paper roll which is in the kitchen nook.) The nook has two cozy chairs-one for the hubs and one for me.

In the top right photo is the wall that used to house the fireplace, which we turned to face the living room. It is now on the wall behind the shiplap wall. (The current dining room was used as a family room by the previous owners. We preferred to have an open dining room off of the kitchen large enough for our whole family or friends to gather.) After we turned the fireplace around, we shiplapped that wall.  It is a perfect spot for my knockoff restoration hardware shelves. The little charging station and peep through window looks into the living room which is on the right when you came into the front door of our home.

The bottom left photo is taken looking to the left as you come from the entry hall into the dining room. 

The bottom right photo is the table, which is in front of you as you enter the dining room. 

Thank you for joining me today. 
I'll share a bit more fall decor next week.

It's almost Friday, friends!
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
and a safe and BLESSED weekend!



  1. I always love your Friday Favs! I love the simple way you've decorated your home for the season. I haven't begun to decorate yet and hope to do so soon - before it's time to decorate for Christmas!

    1. Well, it's not like you haven't got a lot on your plate, friend!

  2. I love the serene beauty of your decorations. And that wooden board wall is fantastic.

  3. Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for bringing us into your home and orienting us. I like it when you share your art with us, too. You mentioned that the art paper roll is "vintage-looking." Do you have a link for that, by any chance? Have a blessed weekend.

    1. Here is the link for the kraft paper roll, but the price has gone up $15 since I bought mine!

  4. Will you come unclutter my house? I love your clean, fresh look! I especially like your paper roll and art. It looks so much user-friendly than a chalk board. Thank you for sharing your lovely nest!


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