Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Bar Harbor, Maine...

Welcome back to my photo journey of my 60th birthday trip to my Mama's home state of Maine. To recap, Mama was born on P.E.I. and raised in the town of Bath, Maine. Mama and Daddy moved to the Pacific Northwest after WWII, and I only visited Maine twice growing up.  My husband and I have been to Maine a couple of times together, so this was my third trip to Maine as an adult. My birthday wish come true was to go to Maine with my three daughters so they could see the beautiful place that their grandma was from.  They all LOVED it and wished we could all move there.  

Here's where we've journeyed so far-
Kennebunkport-click here
Portland-click here
Fort Popham-click here
Bath-click here
And last week I took you along on a lobster feed! Click here.

It was bittersweet to leave my relatives and the quaint town of Bath and to head out for our next adventure to Bar Harbor.  We decided to drive the longer route from Bath to Bar Harbor so that my daughters could see more of the little coastal towns and villages on our way north. Perhaps, with our youngest grandson who was only two months old along, that wasn't the wisest move.  The weather was rainy, the baby was tired of being in the car seat and we had to stop for his feedings, so the whole drive was a bit less breathtaking and a bit more wearying than we had all anticipated. That's the reality of travel and vacations isn't it?  But I did manage to capture that great photo above out of the car window on one of those baby feeding stops!
This photo is out of the car windshield looking up as we crossed a bridge near Ft. Knox, Maine.
 And a quintessential lobster shack that every little village in Maine seems to have.
Bar Harbor is such a beautiful place, but I didn't take into account that the previous times we had been there was in September.  Since it was the height of tourist season on this visit it was very crowded.  The good news is that the rainy morning gave way to a beautiful afternoon.  We checked into our hotel, enjoyed some shopping, then had a fabulous dinner at Paddy's Irish Pub. We all decided that for our last hurrah on our final evening in Maine, we would take a sunset nature cruise through the harbor islands and along the coastline of Acadia National Park. Best decision ever! It was unforgettably beautiful as well as very relaxing.

 Do you see the two seals on the rock in the foreground?

 The rocks along the cliffs of Acadia National Park are pink granite.  So beautiful.

Farewell, beautiful Maine!  I hope to return soon.

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  1. Wow - these images scream vacation -the one I like, by the water side! Thanks for sharing, they warm my heart! Your grandson such a cuddly looking boy:)

  2. The last photo is breath taking! I need to explore Maine more. I have been a couple of times, but have never really lucked out when it has come to weather.

    1. Kelleyn, I guess I'm used to contrary weather being from the Pacific Northwest!

  3. Oh, that looks gorgeous! I love coastal towns AND road trips. We didn't get to that this summer. Hopefully next year...

  4. Lovely photos. Sounds like such a nice getaway for your birthday, and you got to visit a lot of the places on your trip plus family. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

  5. So many great photos from beautiful landscapes, sunset, sky and so on - Maine it must be famous!
    Greetings from Germany

    1. It really is a lovely place! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  6. Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I enjoy your photography, too. I tried "describing" your bird photo to google to identify it, and you should see the variety of images I got! Do you happen to know what kind of bird it is? I also loved that boat with the red sails. What a wonderful trip, and to be able to take your girls along must have blessed your heart as a mama. Blessings.

    1. I don't know what kind of bird it is, but it was a fun spontaneous photo!

  7. Lovely photos here - I've never visited Maine, but you certainly make me want to!
    Thanks for linking up at

  8. What a beautiful place! and the baby - so cute!!

  9. Your photos are so clear and colorful. You captured the sunlight on the lighthouse so beautifully! And then there's the baby . . . :) SO adorable!

  10. Beautiful! I hope to visit Maine someday.


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