Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Blooms...

We've had a lot of rainy weather and gray skies lately.
While it may be spring on the calendar, the weather hasn't been cooperating.
Yesterday, I donned my rubber raincoat and went on my walk in spite of the downpour.
I was rewarded by the beauty of the trees in our neighborhood beginning to bloom.
Today I returned to a vacant lot and foraged a handful of branches so I could enjoy them in my home
 and photograph them.
Aren't they so lovely?
Even if it is gray and rainy, here's the proof that spring really is here!
(all photos edited with Kim Klassen's flow texture)

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  1. So pretty. I love the way you found sunshine in the rain🌞🌦🌞

  2. I do love the delicate pink color of the blooms.

  3. Love how you say you foraged the branches. Made me smile as I picture you delicately snipping away at the flowery branches. I do not picture you foraging anything, but I'm sure if there is need, you would be up to the task. :) Anyway, love your spirit of if the Spring sunshine and flowers aren't forthcoming and readily available, you found some, and photographed them in lovely scenes. Beautifully done.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

    1. HaHa! I indeed "forage" for beautiful branches or flowers on occasion.

  4. The antique books with the blooms make such pleasing photos. Happy spring!

  5. So soft and pretty! Your stills are always so lovely, Elizabeth! Nicely captured!

  6. Nice captures. The third one is my favourite, which surprised me as I am normally prefer flowers outdoors. They just look so soft and delicate in contrast to the books.

  7. Oh, those are such lovely, lovely blooms! There is something about blooms on bare (or almost-bare) branches... so pretty!

  8. I'm so grateful the trees (and other things) are beginning to bloom....it's been an unusually gloomy winter and I need glimpses of a brighter future (weather wise!)

  9. March certainly is leaving like a lion! That was a brilliant idea for you to bring the branches inside. I featured one of your beautiful photos for Flower Friday.

  10. Un precioso rincón de lectura con las flores primaverales.


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