Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Faves...Refinished antique for the spare room AND a watercolor giveaway winner!

Some of you long time readers of my blog may remember that in our spare room I used to have an antique rocker that a friend and I did a makeover on quite some years ago.  I loved it, but truth be told it was a bit big for the spare room and no one really sat on it.  When my youngest daughter asked if she could have it for our soon to be born grandson's nursery, I negotiated a trade.
You see, she had the antique nightstand that goes with the antique dresser I refinished last fall.  So, she happily traded me the rocker for the nightstand, which she wasn't currently using anyway.  A win for both of us!  The nightstand was in pretty good shape except for some water damage on the top. Nothing that some sanding and a couple of applications of natural color danish oil couldn't cure! I'm loving it!
The winner of last Friday's giveaway for a watercolor painting of their favorite cup is Gramma Grits. Simply click the envelope icon on the sidebar of my blog and email me your contact information and a closeup photo of your favorite cup!

Have a safe and blessed weekend everyone!


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  1. I love those "win-win" situations :)

  2. I love the change! The 'deal' was a good one.

  3. Love the color of your walls in there. Looks like a cozy room. Congratulations to GrammaGrits. The paintings are adorable. :)

  4. Gorgeous pieces, Elizabeth! Sounds like it worked out perfectly for you both. And I bet you'll be using that rocker a lot more very soon!

    1. I'll enjoy rocking grandbaby number 6 I am sure! Feeling soooo blessed!


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