Thursday, January 5, 2017

Friday Faves...Cures for the bleak midwinter blues- HYGGE...

The holiday hustle and bustle is over and the Christmas decorations are packed away for another year.  The bulk of winter still lies before us, without the holiday excitement to take our mind off of the gray skies and the cold weather.  This is a good time to glean some wisdom from our Danish friends and adopt the lifestyle of hygge, (pronounced heu-gah).  Hygge is, by my definition, a way to make your home a nurturing, cozy place during the bleak midwinter.  Here are some of the things I have found that help to do just that.

Whether you prefer battery operated or regular candles, don't save your candles for special occasions.  You and your family deserve the warm and cozy glow that candlelight adds to gloomy winter afternoons and the early evenings that the winter months bring.  I didn't get a photo of my fireplace for this post, but if you have a fireplace, enjoy it to its fullest these next couple of months!

Cozy throws-
Especially if you live in a house with wood or tile floors, you will want to add some visual warmth to your home in the winter by adding the cozy texture of rugs, pillows and throw blankets.
Keep a basket of cuddly throw blankets in your living area.  At my house, my husband's favorite one is always crumpled up on the couch lately, ready for when he comes home to relax.

Warm colors-
Winter is the perfect time to get out your warm colored metals. Bronze, gold or copper accessories add a warm glow to your decor.
Living plants-
One of the ways that I like to fight the "bleak midwinter" is to bring some life indoors with inside plants. I love to force paper whites or hyacinth to bloom indoors in the winter.
 Inexpensive grocery store bouquets are another item that adds a bright spot to a room on a cold winter's day.
Keep a cozy sweater handy-
Sometimes, even with the heat on and the fireplace crackling, you still need a cozy sweater and a warm pair of slippers.  Keep your favorite sweater or soft warm hoody on a hook where you can grab them anytime.
Comfort food-

Winter is the time to make sure you are well stocked on your favorite hot drinks, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.  Also,  keep your pantry and refrigerator stocked with the ingredients to make your favorite soups and stews.  There's nothing like coming in out of the cold to find a welcoming bowl of hot soup ready for you to enjoy! You can find a few of my favorite soup recipes in this post.

Well, it's almost Friday, friends.
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
and a safe and BLESSED weekend!


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  1. We don't have harsh winters but I dearly love what cold weather we get. It's such a reprieve from our long summers. I find winter is certainly the time for cozy.

    Love your pics.

  2. Great reminders - ALL!
    Candlelight is one of my favorites.
    This is also the season that my love of wood in its natural forms is rewarded. I find it warm and cozy-ish.
    It's DEFINITELY cold here in NE Indiana right now, so all of these suggestions are appropriate. Stay warm yourself, Elizabeth ♥

  3. So very warm and comfy! We're settling in with hopes of a little snow in North Georgia!


  4. Your post has me feeling warm and cozy on this cold, cold, I'm-ready-for-spring, cold south Texas day :) (34 was our high today!)


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