Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Antique mirror, french jar and spray roses...

For Christmas my daughter gave me a gift card to a favorite antique mall.
What fun to go post Christmas shopping and to find this beautiful antique mirror 
and an antique French canning jar, both on sale!
The antique mirror hangs in our spare room above the antique dresser I recently refinished.
 (photo edited with Kim Klassen's flow texture)
Creamy white spray roses are one of my favorites and I love them in the old jar.
I photographed some dried spray roses last week, and they're even lovely in that state.
 (photo edited with Kim Klassen's flow texture)
I hope you enjoyed looking at my Christmas gifts as much as I enjoy them!

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  1. How beautiful! I love having flowers in winter, it's such a treat. Your roses are lovely.

    1. Dianna, I love that our local grocery store has inexpensive, but lovely fresh flowers!

  2. Your photography is always so pretty and well composed! I love seeing your antique finds too!

  3. Beautiful flowers. You did a great job with your decorating and then photographing it! :)

  4. Your new mirror is perfect in your guestroom! Love the roses in your new jar. What a neat gift and such fun to find it. My mom gave me a gift card to the antique mall in Aurora a few years ago. I shopped for quite awhile before I found a wonderful, yellow corner shelf.

  5. The antique mirror has so much character! I have one in my living room that I picked up at a yard sale. I also love old bottles and vases. I need for you to visit me and help me make appealing arrangements like you do!

  6. I'm always inspired by your still photography, Elizabeth!


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