Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Post Christmas gratitude...

I went unexpectedly MIA from my blog for most of last week.  I was busy with family gatherings, baking and other pre-Christmas busyness.  And now, another Christmas has come and gone.  I don't take lightly the blessings of the Lord that I am reminded of at Christmastime. The reality of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God born in the flesh, is always on the top of my list of things to give thanks for. My family, all of my children and grandchildren gathered together, is precious to me beyond words. My church family gathering together on Christmas Eve, worshipping and taking communion by candlelight was especially sweet and meaningful this year. There was joy in receiving texts from our siblings and friends throughout the holiday, wishing us a Merry Christmas from across the miles.  The more than enough provision of God, seen in the gifts beneath the tree and the abundance of food as we feasted together, is not taken for granted. God's lavish blessings are evident all around me. I neither earned nor deserve them. I am so very grateful for His great grace seen, not just at Christmas time, but every day all around me.
Since 2009 I've been counting my blessings thanks to the prompting of Ann Voskamp.
 I continue to count my thanks
piling up gratitude day by day
in my journal.
(and capturing some of my blessings via my camera or iPhone)

-the homey comfort of washing and ironing the table linens after a large gathering at our house
-God's provision-thank You, Lord!
-having the whole family over for taco soup and the annual dipping of the pretzels in chocolate with the grandkids
-the two youngest granddaughters spending the night over afterwards,
 sleeping in the living room near the glow of the Christmas tree

-the hubs bringing me coffee in bed, with the two girlies snuggled up near me watching cartoons
-Papa taking the grand girls out for a treat
-the quiet of snuggling and watching a movie together after everyone went home

-the first day of winter
-morning fog
-my daughter letting me borrow her Kitchenaid mixer when mine quit in the middle of kneading the bread
-homemade cinnamon cranberry bread
-a visit from friends
-getting the last of the Christmas cards done

-sleeping in a wee bit
-some quiet moments in God's presence
-a late afternoon walk when the Christmas lights in the neighborhood first come on
-my friend coming by and visiting with me while I baked cookies

-a phone call from my oldest sister before the holiday hustle and bustle
-my oldest granddaughter texting me and asking me for recipes to try
-youngest daughter, who is almost 5 months pregnant, ok after having an allergic reaction,
and the unexpected blessing of getting to visit with her when I took her to the doctor 
and we had dinner together afterwards 

-Christmas Eve!
-our church Christmas Eve candlelight service
-going to our oldest daughter's for a sleepover-we are all having Christmas at her house

-our whole family together, plus youngest daughter's in-laws, (who are family as well!)
-my husband reading his annual blessing over our children
-playing a fun new to us card game together
-all of us, plus the dog, going on a Christmas day walk
-lots of thank yous spoken and texted
-more than enough

still following,


  1. So much love in this post~~~
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

  2. Your table was set so festive. Who doesn't love a pretty table to sit for a meal.

    1. It was my daughter's house, table and decor talent that gets the credit!

  3. Your holidays were blessed, dear friend. Reading about your blessings brought joy to my heart today! It reminded me to look ahead to Christmases in the future spent with our dear family. This Christmas is past but the blessings we had are treasures to my heart that will last all year long!

    1. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you navigate the challenges with your sweet mama.


  4. What a beautiful and blessed Christmas, Elizabeth! May you draw even closer to Him in 2017!


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