Thursday, September 22, 2016

Friday Faves...More Simple Autumn Decor

Happy first day of Autumn!
Last week I showed you my simple autumn decor in my entry way and living room,
and promised you a peek into my dining room, kitchen and nook this week.

My dining room may be my favorite room in the house.
It's so spacious and open and light!
I'm so glad we turned our small off the kitchen family room into a large dining room.
It's what works best for our family and lifestyle.

I've collected these demijohns at various antiques stores over the past year.
I found a huge demijohn at the antique store marked 1933 the other day, 
that I'll show you soon.
Some velvet pumpkins in an antique brown transferware bowl are a simple autumn touch
 added to this wooden tray from Homegoods.

I moved the white pumpkin I had on top of the dish cabinet in my dining room,
(see photo of dining room above) into the wooden pedestal bowl on my mantel,
and put a light colored orange squash and a light green squash on top of the dish cabinet instead.

I filled the antique ironstone pitcher that I bought when we were on vacation with wheat
 that I bought at the grocery store years ago and have used every autumn since.

 Nothing much has changed in the shiplapped part of our dining room,
(on the left of the side of the room when facing the table). 

Although a new copper pot from France joined the antique one made in the U.S.A. 
on the wall next to the shelves.
It was another Homegoods find.
This post is not a Homegoods ad, but if they wanted me to do one, I'm their gal.
I love that place!

We're still saving money for new countertops and cabinet refinishing/painting in our kitchen.
I'm wavering between having the cabinets sanded down and stained a grayish color
 or having them painted white. 
I'd love for anyone who has done either to solid oak cabinets to share your experience in the comments.

Some fall foliage tucked inside my antique French canning jar is my simple ode to autumn by my kitchen sink.

In our cozy little sitting nook, the red pouf foot rest is a recent purchase from Homesence in Canada.
My hubs was thrilled to cart it around in the car while we were on vacation!  (not!)
But, now he loves having it by his chair.

I attempted a little chalkboard art on the wall in the nook. 
I wrote things I'm thankful for in this season around the words Autumn blessings.

Thanks for popping in for part two of my simple autumn decor!

 It's almost Friday, friends!
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
a safe and BLESSED weekend!


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  1. I would love to have a little nook fore reading and enjoying the world. My daughter and I often agree that we need a little house with a sunporch! We're through home schooling, but we always thought that would be the perfect place to school.

    1. Our little nook is one of my favorite spots, too! My oldest daughter and her husband just bought a fully restored year 1900 farmhouse that has a sunroom. She uses it for a homeschool room!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Your cabinets are beautiful! I can see them white, but then I just put in white cabinets! ha! We have what they call 'grey pencil line' in the inset. Either way you go I love your home.

    1. Are you all moved now, my friend? We need to catch up with one another!

  4. you're such a gifted decorator, elizbeth.
    love your dining room and the fact you've
    utilized your family room in such a way.
    makes perfect sense! a devoted space for
    drawning ♥s together. and a cozy sitting
    spot and very red footstool. :)


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