Sunday, August 21, 2016

The extraordinary goodness of God in my ordinary life...

The past few days we've had the hottest weather of the summer, yet when I woke up early this morning and opened the back door to let the fresh air in I could smell the nearness of autumn in the breeze.  As it seems to do more and more with each passing year, the summer has zoomed by.  It's been a summer to remember, not because of anything extraordinary happening, but because of the extraordinary goodness of God in my ordinary life.   

Since 2009 I've been counting my blessings thanks to the prompting of Ann Voskamp.
 I continue to count my thanks
piling up gratitude day by day
in my journal.
(and capturing some of my blessings via my camera or iPhone)


-hot tea and prayer with a friend who stopped by
-spending the afternoon with my oldest daughter and her two girlies
-my snuggly granddaughter
-they stayed for a yummy dinner of grilled steak, corn on the cob and salad
-trusting God with things I can't control
-long funny group texts from our daughters

-God never abdicates His throne
-doing a favor for a young mama 
-seeing a young couple's sweet newborn baby girl for the first time
-a wonderful dinner downtown followed by the live performance of The Lion King with my youngest daughter and son-in-law and his parents-what a great night!

-a phone call with a friend
-writing opportunities
-helping my oldest daughter pack for their move
-early to bed due to my hub's jet lag

-picking blackberries and making a galette with my oldest granddaughter
-our Thursday night prayer and worship time at church-so good!
- an amazing sunset

-a relaxing hub's day off
-dinner and games with friends
-three of the grandkids spending the weekend while their mama and daddy have a getaway

-pancakes and eggs for Saturday breakfast
-icy cold frappuccinos on this hot, hot day
-taking our youngest grandson for a haircut
-playing outside in the water

-napping while our youngest grandson napped
-frying potatoes that my husband grew in the back yard
-quiet time after putting our grandson to bed

-a sweet quiet time before the kids woke up
-God's amazing plan of redemption
-lunch at Rib City with the kids

still following,


  1. It sounds like you are soaking up the last of summer in the best ways possible!

  2. A beautiful week of gratitudes! Always blessed when I read them. And yes, we are also beginning to feel a little *autumn* in the air, especially at night.


  3. Days FULL of God's goodness! Here, too :)

  4. I love all the things God has given to bless you! It's such a sweet thing when we stop to see His gifts - count our blessings - and live with a grateful heart.


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  6. It must have been nice making a that delightful galette with your granddaughter. I love that quote and it is so Good when we can recognize that God is at work in our lives ♥

  7. Spending time with my family is my favorite thing to do. Your pie looks delicious!!

  8. Life is good and we all have much to be grateful for. Always grateful for the things that cannot be bought.


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