Thursday, May 12, 2016

Friday Faves...touches of home

It took me a long while to adjust to the idea of selling the home we had lived in for almost seventeen years.
It took me even longer to adjust to leaving the city I had grown up nearby,
moved back to as an adult, and had lived in for the past nineteen years.
Even if we were moving just over the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, Washington, 
it was a huge transition in my mind.

Last week, I was running errands and fighting the traffic back in the city,
and for the first time since we moved my thought was "I'm glad we've moved out of this traffic"
instead of feeling like I was glad to be back home.
I guess I've finally adapted, not just to our new home, which I love,
but to our new hometown.

My other concern was how my family would adjust, particularly the grandkids.
Our former home was the only one they'd ever known as Papa and Nana's house.
Lately, even the grandkids have mentioned how much better they like this house.
The more open floor plan is much better for family events, 
and they like the quiet neighborhood and the little park nearby.

We've still got projects to do on our new to us home, 
even so, we're thankful and grateful and content.
Today, I'm showing you some touches around the house that I love.

 I love the little breakfast nook that we turned into a sitting area for my husband and I.
(It's a great read aloud spot with the grandkids!)
I love the little touches of whimsy, like a peanut can used to hold a plant
and an old Tonka truck that our youngest grandson plays with when he comes over.
My old blue dresser, the only piece of furniture I have from my childhood home,
sits in the reading nook.
Bonnie the cow, is another fun touch of whimsy.
I've kind of got a thing for demijohns lately,  and I recently added this one,
and one top of my dish cabinet.
Plants are another thing I've been adding here and there.

My husband mention the other day that the roses in the basket on the wall had died.
I told him that they've dried not died, but he just didn't seem to get the difference. (haha!)
I'm so glad we decided to make the family room that was open to the kitchen into a large dining space instead.
  It just works perfectly for us and for having family and friends over.

You know I love my breadboard collection!
Here's the other demijohn I referred to earlier holding a cotton stem I picked up at a local antique store.

I love the shiplap accent wall that we put in the dining room.
When this room was used as a family room by the previous owners, 
the fireplace was on the wall where the shiplap now is.
We turned it to face the large living area, which used to be a living room/formal dining room combination.

This old second hand copper pot is the finishing touch that I've been looking for on the shiplap wall.

Well, it's almost Friday, friends!
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
a safe and BLESSED weekend!


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  1. Beautiful photos-your "new" home is just lovely! Looks like you have decorated everything just so, and are enjoying living there. Thanks for sharing! Take care,

    1. Thanks so much,Charles! It's truly a blessing!

  2. I the way you've made your new home 'yours'! Loving your home and enjoying it are such a blessing.

    1. It is a blessing. Wishing my yard was as lovely as yours! It's coming along slowly.

  3. Everything is just right!!! Love the comment from Hubby on the roses!!!
    Oh!!! men!!! they just never get it!
    Have a good one!!!

    1. Addie, isn't that funny about the roses! I had to chuckle about it.

  4. Another beautiful home! You do look as if you have considerably more space....and wonderful space for the beautiful decorating that you do. (I think I need to look up "demijohn"!) Love those "dead" roses, too!

    1. Demijohns are old bottles used to store wine or olive oil. They are collectible and used in decor a lot right now. They can be pricey, but I've gotten really great deals on the ones I've found.

  5. Sometimes it takes us awhile to settle into a "new-to-us" home. We had moved so much, lived in our travel trailer for few months twice between houses, felt like we were in transition for life. Our house isn't nearly as nice as your new house but it's ours. Real estate is much more expensive here in western CO than it was in KY, we have 1/2 what we did in KY, house and land size for twice more. That was hard to adjust to.
    Your rooms are such a great size, that must be nice with houseful of family/grandkids. Glad to hear you've found you can be happy where you are now, hope so. Maybe we can appreciate "new" when we give ourselves a chance and let our lives settle down, takes time.
    Only time it wasn't hard for us was after we moved from San Diego (lived there for 21 yrs), to 20 acres on big lake, out in country in MT, talk about different. Have great weekend and enjoy life.

    1. It's hard to move around a lot. We moved a lot in our first twenty years of marriage, and then were in our previous home a nice long time. I'm hoping this recent move is our last! I'm really grateful for God's leading in this move. I was a bit of a feet dragger, but He really did and does know what is best!

  6. I love it. You have a great eye for mixing old and new, and keeping a simple and clean look woth just enough bibs and bobs around. Glad you're feeling homeish too.


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